Founders & Foundations

50th Anniversary

Jan 20th - Mar 31st, 2024

Founded in 1974 by five artists in need of workspace, The Clay Studio was envisioned as a stepping-stone for students fresh out of art school, offering affordable studio space and shared equipment. Today it is renowned for its unique ability to serve all levels of students, scholars, and community members while broadening ceramics as a contemporary art form.

For our 50th Anniversary, we are excited to highlight the artists who started it all, and those who set us on the path to be what we are today.

Featuring new and old work by Jill Bonovitz, Kathie Regan Dalzell, Janice Marendino, Ken Vavrek, Claire Rodgers, Kathryn Narrow, Amy Sarner Williams, Jimmy Clark, Eva Kwong, Syd Carpenter, Kirk Mangus and Martha Jackson Jarvis.