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Kathryn Narrow

Teaching Artist - Past

Artist Statement:

My thrown, carved and altered porcelain pottery is both functional and decorative. I have studied techniques and styles of Korean, Chinese and Japanese ceramics as well as early American Art Pottery, itself influenced by the East. My pottery is influenced by these bodies of work but is distinct from them. The techniques, glazes and decorative motifs are different and at the same time grow from these traditions. My aim is to produce intimate work that can be held in the hands and which, by its use, brings beauty to the user’s environment and small moments of communication between the user and myself.



Kathryn Narrow was born in Philadelphia but left for Korea at 10 months old where she lived for 3 years. She followed this by years in Washington State, Idaho and then two years in Japan. Kathryn believes these formative years living with and among potters and pottery became a strong influence in her life. Perhaps her first trip even foretold her eventual career. She studied ceramics formally with Bill Daley and Petras Vaskeys at the Philadelphia College of Art. Following graduation, she became a production potter for 15 years, taught at several colleges & art centers and, then became an arts administrator at The Clay Studio. Retirement has brought Kathryn full circle, to being a full time potter again. She is currently an instructor at The Clay Studio's School.