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Janice Merendino

Resident Artist - Past

My work expresses my belief that we only see glimpses of what is going on around us and rarely have a full understanding of any situation or feeling. For me, this fragmented view is best expressed through layers and sections. The vertical format allows me to suggest these multiple and simultaneous perspectives in different areas of one piece. 

I like the tension between the tight control and hard edges of cut paper against the loose and open flow of the ink. This contrast satisfies my personal need for quiet containment, while allowing for surprise, risk, and freedom.

I first traveled to Japan as a college student to study ceramics and in 1982 had a solo exhibition of my ceramic work and ink paintings in Tokyo. Since then I’ve returned to Japan multiple times to study calligraphy and learn the traditional "urauchi" scroll mounting techniques that I use in my work.

I’m not sure what I personally would have done without TCS. I had lots of ideas after coming back from Japan, but didn't know how and where I’d do it. For many young artists, encouragement and informal critiques are hard to come by once you leave art college. But the support I got at TCS allowed me to explore the techniques I learned during my japan trip and produce work that led to the solo exhibition in Japan.

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What The Clay Studio means to me:

"We started The Clay Studio the same year I graduated from Moore College of Art.  At that time, my options as a ceramic student were to either continue at a university or find space on my own. 

Because of these limited options, the studio’s early days were exciting for me as a young potter.  That sense of community made that scary leap from student to artist feel more achievable.   The Clay Studio was so valuable because young graduates were treated as colleagues and our ideas and work were respected. 

Being a founding member of The Clay Studio stretched my idea of what I could accomplish both individually and in collaboration with a group.  I also benefited from the warmth of life-long friendships and continuing stimulation as an artist."