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Claymobile on the Evening News!

Watch as our Claymobile visits the John Moffet Elementary school while the Channel 3 news team -- Ukee Washington and Jessica Dean -- cheers us on. Reporter Vittoria Woodill goes live on the scene to capture all the action, as Emily Pilon works her magic with the schoolkids and Megan Millman explains how it all happens!

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How it Works

  1. Fill out our online form to request Claymobile for a residency (a 90-minute lesson once a week for 6 to 12 weeks) or a one-day workshop.  

  2. Claymobile sends you a teaching artist, an assistant, and all the supplies and materials needed for the lesson. 

  3. You provide a classroom teacher, after-school leader, or faculty or staff member to be present and engaged at each class and oversee activities. 

  4. We ask that you provide the space, tables, and chairs for the lesson, as well as access to a source of water. 

  5. The teaching artist leads comprehensive lessons designed specifically for the age and ability of students and the goals of your organization. The students learn the basics of building with clay, and their imagination and confidence grow. 

  6. Students construct their artwork onsite; then we transport it back to The Clay Studio for firing. 

  7. We deliver the finished artwork back to your site, and students can enjoy and show off their masterpieces.


The Claymobile Story

The Clay Studio is rooted in the belief that all people deserve access to high-quality arts education, and assumes a strong responsibility to engage all segments of its local community.

Since 1994, Claymobile, our award-winning community engagement program, has collaborated with schools, neighborhood organizations, and other social service agencies throughout the Philadelphia region to create innovative, hands-on approaches to learning in a safe and supportive environment. Today, the Claymobile is recognized as one of the most cost-effective arts education opportunities in the region, and serves as a model for similar programs offered around the country.

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Community Impact

Many children and adults in the Philadelphia region lack access to arts experiences in their schools and neighborhoods due to budget constraints, a focus on achievement testing, and the stressors of poverty. We need your support to continue to make a positive impact on the opportunity gap for youth right in our communities. 

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Program Details

Claymobile Program Options
  • Claymobile residency program: A series of weekly ceramics classes that last 6 to 12 weeks, led by a professional ceramic artist and assistant, that are hosted at your school or organization.

  • Claymobile workshops: One-time classes that are hosted at your school or organization.

  • Claymobile events: Activities hosted by the Claymobile at community events and festivals.

Financial Information

Subsidized rate: The majority of our partners qualify for a subsidized rate of $200 per Claymobile session. This rate is available to schools and organizations that serve an economically disadvantaged population (75% or more of the constituents are classified as having an economic disadvantage). Sliding scale rates are also available.

Fully subsidized wait list: If your organization is unable to pay $200 per class, you may request to be put on the wait list to receive full funding for a Claymobile residency (series of classes). It can take 6 to 24 months for fully funded residencies to become available, and we cannot guarantee funding. We are happy to brainstorm other funding ideas and support you in your independent fundraising efforts.

The full cost of operating Claymobile is $530 per class. We are grateful to our supporters who make subsidizing our classes possible.

Claymobile Curriculum

We strive to meet your goals and needs by offering four curriculum options:

  • Creative Clay works as an “open arts” program, where projects are determined by students’ age and ability. Students will be led through a variety of functional and sculptural handbuilding projects that focus on creativity and self-expression. Students learn the basic techniques, such as coil-building, slab-making, pinching, attaching wet clay through the “slip and score” method, glazing, underglazing, and cold finish decoration.

  • S.T.E.A.M. invites students to explore projects in science, technology, engineering, and/or math while creating artwork. Past examples include creating and studying fossils and volcanoes, floating boats, and exploring clay expansion before and after kiln firing. You can choose to focus on one or two portions of S.T.E.A.M. or can opt for a sampler that would touch on all areas.

  • Collaborative Clay allows classroom teachers and staff members to work with Claymobile staff to develop curriculum with areas of focus in world cultures, literature, social justice, or art history. This collaboration would include an academic focus on these subjects in the classroom outside of Claymobile lessons.

  • Claymation challenges students to develop storyboards, imagine characters, and write dialogue while creating objects and characters using Plasticine clay. Students advance their literacy through narrative storytelling while incorporating technology to create stop-motion mini-films.

All Claymobile lessons complement/adhere to the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for the Arts and Humanities.

Claymobile Partners

We partner with many types of organizations, including:

  • Schools in Philadelphia, Camden, and Delaware Counties

  • Any pre-K through 12th-grade classroom, including science, social studies, and art classes

  • After-school programs

  • Summer camps

  • Community centers

  • Senior centers

  • Social services centers

  • Juvenile justice centers

  • Community events and festivals

Class Size

The Claymobile is able to work with groups of up to 33 students. 


The Claymobile program holds classes all year long. Classes are available to be scheduled 7 days a week. Classes are typically 90 minutes long.    

Location & Supplies

We come to you. Your organization simply needs to provide:

  • An invested adult to oversee the activities

  • A room with tables and chairs

  • A source of water


Claymobile provides:

  • A professional teaching artist and assistant

  • All needed supplies and materials for ceramics

  • Tarps and canvas for tables

  • Storage for all supplies (we’ll transport materials to and from your location, so you don’t need to store anything onsite)    

Download a Printable Brochure

Download a .pdf of our current brochure, and print it out on any copier. Very handy to have — share it with others!

Claymobile Newsletters


K-12 students served each year by Claymobile


Claymobile residencies partnering with schools and organizations that serve at least 75% of students with economic need


students in the U.S. who have never had any formal art education (source: NEA)


donation supports a Claymobile class for one student

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