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Jimmy Clark

Archive Artist - Past

There is no question that the highlight of my tenure at The Clay Studio was our relocation to 139 N Second St in 1990. The additional space allowed us to do things we would never have dreamed of in our smaller home one block south at 49 N. 2nd, such as major international and national exhibitions.

Nevertheless, after the establishment of the Claymobile Program, and the International artist in residency program, I had a reflective moment  one day and burst with pride that we had essentially succeeded in reaching all possible levels of people engaged in clay. Inner city or otherwise disadvantaged children or adults of all ages, raw beginners, dedicated amateurs and aspiring professionals in advanced classes and the associates program, career development in the resident program, and fully professional artists from around the world, national and local. We also drew vastly increased attention from serious collectors, and clay aficionados both locally and from across the country.

A huge community all getting along (for the most part) united solely in our common love for the material and all the varying and amazing things that can be done with it. It felt like home.

Jimmy Clark, former Director of The Clay Studio