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january 21 | noon (est)

Lunch & Learn | Meet Shannon Jones and Nitza Rosario

Nitza Rosaria and Shannon Jones are two of the amazing people who make The Clay Studio what it is. Join us as we find out what inspires them most in their work.

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January 28 | noon (est)

Lunch & Learn | The Clay Siblings' Project

Meet the co-founders of the Clay Siblings' Project, Gerald Brown and Mike Tavares.

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february 4 | noon (est)

Lunch & Learn | Meet Clarissa Eck

Join us to talk with Clarissa Eck about what inspires the images and forms of her work, as well as how her time at The Clay Studio in various programs has helped in her artistic life.

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january 14 | noon (est)

Lunch & Learn | Meet Don Nakamura

Don Nakamura, an accomplished artist who makes his ceramic work at The Clay Studio, will talk with us about his life in art, and the energetic forms and images that make his work unique. Make sure to check out his current exhibition, Energized, in person or in the Exhibitions section of our website.

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january 7 | noon (est)

Lunch & Learn | Opening Celebration for “Future Memories”

Future Memories presents work by 25 Alumni and Current Resident Artists at The Clay Studio. The work they have made for the show explores the transformative nature of their Residency experience. Kelsy Chase Folsom, Matt Wilt, and others will join us January 7th to discuss their work and their time at The Clay Studio.

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December 17 | noon (est)

Lunch & Learn | Kensuke Yamada

Join us to talk with Kensuke Yamada, Resident Artist Alum, and Guest Juror for Small Favors 2021

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December 10 | noon (est)

Lunch & Learn | Yoko Sekino-Bové

Join us to talk with Yoko Sekino Bove about the question she's been asking herself since the beginning of the pandemic — "What I can do and how can I help? Is there anything I can do for this world, as an individual, and as a ceramic artist?" Her classic forms mixed with humorous graphic surface treatments are on view in The Usefulness of Use, a solo exhibition at The Clay Studio

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Thur | December 3 | Noon (Eastern)

Lunch & Learn | Alex Ferrante

Ferrante will discuss his current solo show Verging Paths, Verdant Ends, and his year-long Zeldin Fellowship.

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Thur | Nov 19 | Noon (Eastern)

Lunch & Learn | A Conversation with Helen Drutt

Helen Drutt has been the godmother of Craft in Philadelphia and around the world since the 1960's. We have the honor of interviewing her on the occasion of her 90th birthday about her memories of starting the Helen Drutt Gallery, her work with The Clay Studio over the years, and the robust work she continues. Join us to hear about her adventures in Craft and to wish her a happy birthday.

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Thu | Nov 5 | Noon (EST)

Lunch & Learn | Sugar Jaws

Sugar Jaws is a collaboration between Grace Tessein and Dennis Ritter named after their beloved dog. The forms are created by Dennis and the surface is completed by Grace. The team are alumni of The Clay Studio, and we are delighted to chat with them about their time here, and what they've both done since then.

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Thur | Nov 12 | Noon Eastern

Lunch & Learn | Staff Spotlight

Meet Naimah Stith and Megan Millman Lasiter, staff members at The Clay Studio. We'll hear about their entry into their art careers and how they are working to keep The Clay Studio connected through the pandemic. Also get a sneak peek of holiday activities and gifts available from The Clay Studio!

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Our Viewers Respond

"Thank you for the Zoom meetings. I feel so connected. Today seeing and hearing Lauren Sandler speak was so exciting, and last week I felt part of art history as the PMA Curators and Roberto spoke together. I am sharing these with my students. The Ripple Effect is Happening! So grateful for Thursday Zooms." – Ann HJuuki

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the Ibrahim Said studio visit, and what a really great interview you did with him. You led things along in such a fluid way, and he seemed very relaxed and open." - Vicky Gold

"It’s creative things like what you’re doing that are helping people through this crazy time." - Kip O'Krongly

"It’s such a difficult time, and just hoping that there’s an end in sight in 100 or 200 days. It’s been very comforting to have the Clay Studio’s virtual presence during this time." - Jenni Johnson

"What a brilliant and wise conversation. There's been some serious meditative insights arising here, expecially in your discussion about how artists might respond to this moment. This conversation should win an award." - Kel B.

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Thur | Oct 29 | Noon (Eastern)

Lunch & Learn | CraftNOW Philadelphia

We will speak with Leila Cartier, Executive Director of Craft NOW Philadelphia, about the upcoming symposium, Cultures of Making, Craft NOW Create, and their recent book Craft Capital.

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Thur | Oct 15 | Noon (Eastern)

Lunch & Learn | A Reunion with Our Resident Artists

Nick Lenker, Nate Willever, Stephanie Kantor, Jacob Raeder, & Alex Ferrante will each give a short artist talk. Join us!

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Thur | Oct 8 | Noon Eastern

Lunch & Learn | George Rodriguez: La Flor, el Nicho, y sus Memorias

George Rodriguez will describe his intentions in creating an altar in our niche Bonovitz Gallery. The immersive tile and sculpture installation will be on virtual tour as we talk about personal interactions during this strange time.

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whiskey promo

Fri | Oct 2 | 5:30 pm eastern

Virtual First Friday

Get back into the swing of attending First Fridays at The Clay Studio with First Friday pours. We'll celebrate our new exhibitions while we join forces with New Liberty Distilling and our friend Jack Hinton, a Curator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to pour ourselves a Friday cocktail in our favorite historical and contemporary ceramic drinking vessels.

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Thur | Oct 1 | 12 noon eastern

Lunch & Learn | Lisa Naples: Using the Sun to Find North

Join us to hear Lisa Naples, Resident Alum and award winning artist, discuss her exhibition, Using the Sun to Find North.

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thurs september 24 | noon (est)

Lunch & Learn | 100 Years 100 Women Finale

As the exhibition "100 Years 100 Women" comes to a close on Sunday, September 27, join us for this Lunch & Learn finale as participating artists discuss their inspiration and their ceramic art process. We'll hear from Hannah Pierce, Alex Stadler, and Stephanie Osser. As the exhibition closes we are reminded to continue the fight for equality among all people, and are inspired to get out the VOTE this November!

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Thurs September 17 | noon est

Lunch & Learn | Meet our new Resident Artists

Each year The Clay Studio welcomes new Resident Artists into the program. This September, Ruth Easterbook, Kevin Snipes, Kopal Seth, and Chris Rodgers are joining us as the new 2020 Resident cohort. We will hear from each of them about their inspiration, their process, and the reasons they are excited to move to Philadelphia and join The Clay Studio community. We'll also get a peek at highlights of our Mudball Auction, which includes donations from each of these talented artists. Meeting ID: 99518519572

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Thur | Sep 10 | Noon (Eastern)

Lunch & Learn | 100 Women Artist Talks

Join us to hear Julia Galloway, Mimi Logothetis, Roberta Griffith, and Grace Tessein discuss their inspirations and their process.

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Thur | Sep 3 | Noon Eastern

Lunch & Learn | Meet Linda Lopez

Linda Lopez, Resident Artist Alumna at The Clay Studio, will join us to discuss her time at The Clay Studio, her studio practice, and her artistic life. She has generously donated a major work to our Mud Ball Auction this year. Tune in to find out how her time at The Clay Studio helped propel her career to the next level.

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Thurs | Aug 27 | 12 noon

Lunch & Learn | Wikithon for "100 Years 100 Women"

Artists speaking this week are Patsy Cox, Jane Irish, and Hope Rovelto. AND - Do you know of women artists that deserve to have a Wikipedia page? Every thought of doing something about it? Join us and we'll make sure it gets published! Contact Jennifer Zwilling jzwilling@theclaystudio.org to add your suggestions and content.

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Thur August 20 | 12 noon est

Lunch & Learn | "100 Years 100 Women" Opens

Join us as we celebrate our new exhibition, 100 Years 100 Women. This week we are honored to welcome Syd Carpenter, Charlotte Hodes, Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Mac McCusker, Sue Tirrel, and Mallory Wetherill to give short talks on their work in the show. Please join us to hear these artists discuss their inspirations.

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Thur | Aug 13 | Noon EDT

Lunch & Learn | The Clay Studio National Closing Celebration

Curator of Artistic Programs Jennifer Zwilling will lead a virtual tour of this exhibition from the gallery at The Clay Studio, and we'll hear from some of the artists who will describe their work: Dasha Kalisz, Trisha Kyner, Raymond Rorke, and others.

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Thurs | Aug 6 | noon edt

Lunch & Learn | Town Hall: Our New Building

Join Jennifer Martin as she walks us through the plans for the new building and answers your most burning questions about the new home of The Clay Studio. Meeting ID: 9665 370 8578

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thurs | July 30 | noon est

Lunch & Learn | Meet the Jurors & Leroy Johnson of The Clay Studio National

Curator of Artistic Programs Jennifer Zwilling will lead a virtual tour of this exhibition from the gallery at The Clay Studio, and we'll hear from our jurors, Kukuli Velarde, Sana Musasama, and Lauren Sandler, as well as invited artist Leroy Johnson.

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Thurs | July 23 | noon EST

Lunch & Learn | The Clay Studio National Opens

Curator of Artistic Programs Jennifer Zwilling will lead a virtual tour of this exhibition from the gallery at The Clay Studio, and we'll hear from some of the artists who will describe their work: Aaron Caldwell, Eliza Au, Sasha Reibstein, Trisha Kyner, Kimberly Camp, George Rodriguez.

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Thur July 9 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn | Ceramics & Interior Design

Join us to hear Eric Rymshaw and Jim Fulton of Fury Design discuss how they use contemporary ceramic art in their stunning residential interior designs. Ask questions about what designers are looking for when placing art in a home.

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Thur | July 2 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn | Introduction to Making Place Matter

We are celebrating the start of construction on our new building with an introduction to our project Making Place Matter, a major Pew Center for Arts & Heritage funded project in conjunction with our community that will culminate with the inaugural exhibition in the new facility in fall 2021.

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Thur June 25 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn | Meet Adam Chau

Join us to talk with Adam about his exhibition. SENT examines queer culture in the digital age, using traditional blue-and-white aesthetics applied to forms representing contemporary technology.

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Thur | June 18 | noon EST

Lunch & Learn | Meet Stefani Threet

Stefani's design concepts began years and years ago as doodles on napkins and scraps of paper, then later made their way onto fabric, and for the past twelve years have become the landscape of her clay work.

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Fri May 29 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn | Meet Kevin Snipes

Join us for a demo and special report on a recent residency with Kevin Snipes. The residency at Wesleyan College Artist Residency (Macon, Georgia), was hosted by Alexis Gregg, Associate Professor of Art and the college Art Department, and was funded through the Knight Foundation. This talk is in lieu of an exhibition at the Harriet Tubman Museum, in Macon, GA (cancelled due to Covid) to conclude the residency. Garth Johnson, Curator of Ceramic Art at the Everson Museum will also be a special guest.

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Thur May 28 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn | Meet Sara Parent Ramos

Sara Parent Ramos created Praya Dubia, a site specific installation in our gallery that investigates the microbiome, the wonderful and elusive world thriving inside and outside us. Join us to hear about her inspiration and process.

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Thur | May 21 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn | Animals All Around Us

Join artists Kip O'Krongly and Lisa Naples along with primatologist Andy Baker from the Philadelphia Zoo, and paleontologist Ted Daeschler from the Academy of Natural Sciences to talk about the human impulse to surround ourselves with animals and images of animals. A fascinating conversation between artists and scientists that you're not likely to hear anywhere.

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Thur | May 14 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn | Meet Lauren Sandler

Lauren Sandler, Professor and Head of Ceramics at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, will discuss her work, her thoughts on her role as juror of The Clay Studio National, and how she is continuing to be creative during the pandemic.

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Thur | May 7 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn | Roberto Lugo and All About the Benjamins

The Clay Studio invites artist Roberto Lugo, and PMA curators Elisabeth Agro and Jack Hinton for a conversation about the dynamic gallery installation uniting iconic Ben Franklin representations from across the centuries. TCS curator Jennifer Zwilling will continue the discussion with Roberto Lugo about his time this year in Rome and his community focused projects.

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Apr 30 | Thur | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn | Meet The Clay Studio's Founders

Join The Clay Studio Founders, Jill Bonovitz, Kathie Dalzell, Janice Merendino, Ken Vavrek and Curator Jennifer Zwilling as they discuss how the idea for a shared studio space got started and their fondest memories of the early years of the organization.

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April 23 | noon

Lunch & Learn with Joshua Hebbert

Join us to hear Joshua discuss his artistic career, his inspiration, and his process. By joining the Zoom conversation you can ask questions about his process and studio practice in person.

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April 16 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn with Ibrahim Said

Join us for a virtual studio visit with Ibrahim Said. Ibrahim was a Guest Artist in Residence at The Clay Studio in the summer of 2017 and has been a good friend to our community ever since. We are thrilled he is one of the three lead artists for our project, "Making Place Matter," that will culminate in the inaugural exhibition in our new building. Watch and get a peek into Ibrahim’s current studio project, hear about his path to ceramic art, his current exhibitions and museum work, and his early ideas for "Making Place Matter."

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April 9 | noon EST

Lunch & Learn with Glenn Adamson

Join us for the Zoom conversation with Glenn Adamson and Jennifer Zwilling about the history of craft in its many forms, the aesthetics of objects, and the care and attention that goes into producing them. Zoom guests can ask questions directly to the author. Preview Adamson's book "Fewer, Better Things" at bit.ly/3e1cmTG

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March 28, 2020

Joshua Hebbert Gallery Tour