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Thursday |January 26 | 1 pm est

Meet Juan Barroso

Juan Barroso says about his work "My work is about Mexican labor and the plight, struggle, hope, and heritage of Mexican immigrants. With the current political administration enforcing policies that dehumanize and force immigrants into the shadows, recognizing an immigrant’s humanity is vital. Notions of us or them deteriorate and it becomes clear that we are all working and fighting to provide a shelter and a decent meal for ourselves, and often a family. As the son of immigrant parents, I hope to pay homage to my people and the dignity of their labor. I mix 2-dimensional imagery, influenced by personal narratives, with 3-dimensional functional forms."

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Our Viewers Respond

"Thank you for the Zoom meetings. I feel so connected. Today seeing and hearing Lauren Sandler speak was so exciting, and last week I felt part of art history as the PMA Curators and Roberto spoke together. I am sharing these with my students. The Ripple Effect is Happening! So grateful for Thursday Zooms." – Ann HJuuki

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the Ibrahim Said studio visit, and what a really great interview you did with him. You led things along in such a fluid way, and he seemed very relaxed and open." - Vicky Gold

"What a brilliant and wise conversation. There's been some serious meditative insights arising here, expecially in your discussion about how artists might respond to this moment. This conversation should win an award." - Kel B.