lunch learn horiz sandratorres

Thur | Dec 16 | Noon EST

Sandra Torres

Sandra Torres' exquisite porcelain work highlights the translucency a highly talented artist can achieve with the material. Her elegant use of color and decoration also adds to the beauty of her work. Join us to hear about her inspirations and how she achieves those thin but strong vessels.

lunch learn horiz pauleshelman

Thur | Dec 9 | Noon EST

Paul Eshelman

Paul Eshelman's timeless pottery appeals to every person who walks into The Clay Studio Shop. Each piece provides a pop of color paired with a formal language that evokes calm. We'll hear about Paul's journey into a life of functional art.

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lunch learn horiz jihan ospina

Thur | Dec 2 | Noon EST

Jihan Thomas & Pedro Ospina

Hear from Claymobile teacher Jihan Thomas and Guest Artist Pedro Ospina about their projects at the Kensington & Cecil B. Moore Libraries and much more.

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lunch learn horiz chandradebuse

Thur | Nov 18 | Noon EST

Chandra DeBuse: Around the Corner

Jennifer Zwilling with talk with Chandra DeBuse about her inspiration and her process (and what's with all those squirrels?!).

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lunch learn horiz adriennejustice

thur | oct 28 | noon

Adrienne Justice, our new Community Engagement Manager

Join us to talk with Adrienne Justice, The Clay Studio's new Community Engagement Manager and a Teaching Artist. Also learn more about the Claymobile program's history and future.

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lunch learn horiz ian sarah

Thur | Oct 21 | Noon

Lunch & Learn

Join us to talk with Sarah Chenoweth Davis, staff & teacher, and Ian Petrie, teacher, who are both new to The Clay Studio and artists. We'll hear about what motivates them and their favorite thing to teach in clay!

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lunch learn horiz robertolugo

Thur | Oct 14 | 5:30pm

Roberto Lugo - God Complex @ UPenn

Roberto Lugo and Jennifer Zwilling will talk about Lugo's new show God Complex from the Arthur Ross Gallery at the University of Pennsylvania.

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lunch learn horiz kathie kathryn

Thur | Sept 30 | Noon

Kathie Regan Dalzell, Kathryn Narrow & Amy Sarner Williams

Amy Sarner Williams, Resident Alum and long time member of the Executive Staff, Kathryn Narrow, the founder of The Clay Studio’s Claymobile, and Kathie Regan Dalzell, an early Resident and co-Founder of The Clay Studio, will engage in a conversation with Jennifer Zwilling about their work at The Clay Studio from the 1970s to today. They will also share more details about the Proper Send-Off auction and open house on October 2nd, where attendees can say a fond farewell to The Clay Studio’s Old City location at 137-139 N. 2nd Street. Join the Zoom call to ask questions and listen to the discussion! (Kathryn and Amy are not pictured.)

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lunch learn horiz cesar george

Thur | Sept 16 | Noon

George Rodriguez & Cesar Viveros

Hear George Rodriguez & Cesar Viveros tell us about the community art projects they are planning for Clayfest on Saturday, September 18th!

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lunch learn horiz sandi neil

thurs | sept 9 | noon

Sandi Pierantozzi & Neil Patterson

Neil and Sandi were Resident Artists at The Clay Studio before they opened their popular studio and shop, Neighborhood Potters, in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. They will join us to discuss their fondest memories of their time at The Clay Studio and how it inspired them to the work they do today.

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lunch learn horiz deangelis serena

thurs | aug 19 | noon edt

Staff Spotlight: Theresa DeAngelis and Paul Serena

Please join us tomorrow at our noontime Lunch & Learn to welcome two of our newest staff members: Theresa DeAngelis and Paul Serena. Theresa joined us as our Development Manager and Paul as our additional Studio Technician. You'll get to hear about their work, their interests, and what it's like to be at The Clay Studio, and you'll also be able to ask questions and extend your own warm wishes!

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lunch learn horiz carlyslade

Thur | Aug 12 | Noon EDT

Carly Slade: The Clay Studio Building

Carly Slade will talk about how she created the incredibly detailed sculpture of our Old City building.

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lunch learn horiz rainharris

Thur | Aug 5 | Noon EDT

Rain Harris: Wallflowers

The Clay Studio Resident alum Rain Harris will discuss her solo exhibition Wallflowers, as well as memories of her time in the Resident Artist Program.

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lunch learn horiz kopalseth

Thu | July 29 | Noon EST

Kopal Seth, Resident Artist

We will discuss Systematic Chaos, Kopal Seth's solo show at The Clay Studio. The work evokes the bustling cities and towns of India.

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lunch learn horiz robertamassuch

Thu | July 22 | Noon EST

Roberta Massuch & Emily Zilber on Wharton Esherick

Zilber, Curator at the Wharton Esherick Home and Studio will join Roberta Massuch, The Clay Studio Resident Alum to talk about Roberta's installation of her contemporary ceramics throughout the historic property.

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lunch learn horiz newgrit

Thu | July 15 | Noon EST

Elisabeth Agro: New Grit

Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Curator Elisabeth Agro will talk with Jennifer Zwilling about her curatorial journey and the exhibition New Grit, which celebrates contemporary Philadelphia artists like Roberto Lugo, Jane Irish, Mi-Kyoung Lee, Judith Schaechter, Hiro Sakaguchi, Doug Bucci, and Kukuli Velarde.

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lunch learn horiz peterbarbor

Thur | July 1 | Noon EST

Peter Barbor: Falling Short of Heaven

Peter Barbor, Resident Artist Alum, will discuss his solo show, Falling Short of Heaven. The exhibition concept is based on the historical Peaceable Kingdom painting by Edward Hicks, and we will be joined by Laura Igoe, Curator of American Art at the Michener Museum who will contextualize the historical meaning of the image through time.

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lunch learn horiz digsau

Thur | June 24 |Noon EST

New Building Update

Join us to hear updates on the new building with Executive Director Jennifer Martin and members of the Digsau team, our architects for the project.

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lunch learn horiz janeirish

Thur | June 17 | Noon EST

Fabric Workshop and Museum - Hard/Cover

Curator Karen Patterson and Artist Jane Irish will talk with us about Hard/Cover, the current exhibition at The Fabric Workshop and Museum that explores the connections between printmaking and ceramics.

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lunch learn horiz wendygers

Thur | June 10 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn: Wendy Gers

Join us as we speak with award-winning activist-curator, Dr. Wendy Gers, about her socially and environmentally engaged curatorial practice.

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lunch learn horiz tiffanythomas

Thur | June 3 | Noon

Lunch & Learn: Tiffany Thomas

Join us to discuss Tiffany Thomas' solo exhibition Sprinkles and Confetti, and how her work celebrates the good in the world; the joy that exists around us.

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lunch learn horiz spinozzi essner

Thur | May 27 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn | Shapes From Out of Nowhere at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art curator Adrienne Spinozzi and Independent Curator Elizabeth Essner both worked on the new exhibition Shapes From Out of Nowhere, open now at the Met that highlights abstract ceramic sculptures from the collection of Bob Ellison. Join us to talk with them about what it was like to research and curate these amazing works of art.

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lunch learn horiz bencarter

thurs | may 13 | noon

Lunch & Learn | Meet Ben Carter

Join us as we turn the microphone around to Ben Carter, usually the interviewer in his longstanding and popular podcast, Tales of a Red Clay Rambler.

lunch learn horiz raymond maria

Thur | May 6 | Noon est

Lunch & Learn | Celebrating our Staff with Raymond Rorke & Maria Albornoz

Join us to hear about the rich artistic lives of our staff members Raymond Rorke and Maria Albornoz

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lunch learn horiz joannapowell

Thur | April 29 | Noon est

Lunch & Learn: Joanna Powell

Joanna Powell will talk us in the gallery at TCS, as we install her solo exhibition, She Ain't Pretty That Way. Join us to hear her talk about her process, making this work during the pandemic, and how the work honors her mother.

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lunch learn horiz smallfavorsfinale

Thur | Apr 22 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn: Small Favors Finale

Cybèle Beaudoin-Pilon, Kayla Cho, Emily Kleaver, Margarita Paz-Pedro, Ashley Porrini, Jarmel Reitz, Bryan Wilkerson, Alan Willoughby

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lunch learn horiz smallfavors3

Thur | Apr 15 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn: Small Favors

Andrew Casto, Diana Chamberlain, Linley Erickson, Kim and Justin Hall, Wade McDonald, Sujata Jagota, Stephanie Osser, Terri Saulin

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lunch learn horiz smallfavors

Thur | Apr 8 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn: Small Favors

Join Us to hear from some of the 200 artists included in the 16th annual Small Favors exhibition. They'll tell us about the challenges and joys of working small! Megan Angolia, Jonathan Christensen Caballero, Marguerita Hagan, Sergei Isupov, Liz Daley, Mina Zarfsaz, and Carrie Ohm

lunch learn horiz ryankelly

Thur | Apr 1 | Noon EST

Lunch & Learn: Ryan Wilson Kelly

Join Jennifer Zwilling, Curator of Artistic Programs at The Clay Studio, along with artist Ryan Kelly, as they discuss “Anxious Assembly,” his new exhibition at The Clay Studio, which opens April 3. The facial expressions depicted in this series of ceramic busts and jugs convey a sense of anxiety, capturing the sense of uncertainty, fear, and discomfort many of us have experienced over the last year. Join the Zoom call to ask questions live and listen to the discussion!

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lunch learn horiz historicpottery

March 25, Noon EST

Lunch & Learn | Historic Pottery with Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller, the Museum Curator at Independence National Historic Park will join Jennifer Zwilling in conversation for Lunch & Learn on March 25th. They will discuss why Debbie loves pots, especially old, broken ones from archaeological excavations, her work for the National Park Service, and she will help identify some of the pottery shards found on the site of The Clay Studio’s new building.

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lunch learn horiz kevinsnipes

March 18, Noon EST

Lunch & Learn | Kevin Snipes

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Our Viewers Respond

"Thank you for the Zoom meetings. I feel so connected. Today seeing and hearing Lauren Sandler speak was so exciting, and last week I felt part of art history as the PMA Curators and Roberto spoke together. I am sharing these with my students. The Ripple Effect is Happening! So grateful for Thursday Zooms." – Ann HJuuki

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the Ibrahim Said studio visit, and what a really great interview you did with him. You led things along in such a fluid way, and he seemed very relaxed and open." - Vicky Gold

"It’s creative things like what you’re doing that are helping people through this crazy time." - Kip O'Krongly

"It’s such a difficult time, and just hoping that there’s an end in sight in 100 or 200 days. It’s been very comforting to have the Clay Studio’s virtual presence during this time." - Jenni Johnson

"What a brilliant and wise conversation. There's been some serious meditative insights arising here, expecially in your discussion about how artists might respond to this moment. This conversation should win an award." - Kel B.