We are thankful for all the essential members of our community that accepted our invitation to join the Making Place Matter Exhibition Council.

As we prepare to move into our new building and into South Kensington in 2021, we are taking this opportunity to reconfigure how we plan and execute our exhibitions. We consider it essential that Making Place Matter - the inaugural exhibition planned for our new building - is designed in collaboration with members of our community. 

Among participants who live in the Kensington neighborhood, staff members from each of 6 local organizations (Taller Puertorriqueño, Olde Kensington Neighborhood Association, Norris Square Community Alliance, Norris Square Neighborhood Project & South Kensington Community Partnership) and Clay Studio Exhibition staff; we have been honoured to share different experiences. We value all of The Council members experience, expertise, and their opinions as artists, educators and former residents of the Kensington neighborhood. We feel that their artistic input, strong connection to the neighborhood, and dedication to serving the community through ceramic art make them an essential voice in this first exhibition in The Clay Studio's new home. 

mpm exhibit council meet01 website

Thursday, October 8th, 2020

1st MPM Exhibition Council Meeting

During our first meeting the mission of The Council was presented: The Council is comprised of Thinking Partners from The Clay Studio’s various constituencies who will learn together from experts in exhibition design, art education, the 3 Lead Artists, and each other.   Together, we will translate these ideas into the design of the Visitor Engagement Gallery space and activities. The goal of this Gallery is to cultivate a welcoming, equitable, respectful, and meaningful experience for every person who attends the exhibition Making Place Matter through hands on art-making activities. During this year of work, decisions will be made by consensus, or the general agreement of the group. We will work to build consensus through learning together, equal voices, and productive conversation.

mpm pinch pot community

Thursday December 10th, 2020

2nd MPM Exhibition Council Meeting

What do craft and clay can do for us as we're moving through this process? What resonates in our minds when we hear -or say- “Making Place Matter”? While having a hands-on activity, we had a delightful conversation, where we lost track of time, released dopamine and interchange expectations, ideas and imaginary around the project. We took a look at the logo ideas, at the work that the 3 lead artists will be presenting in the exhibition and brainstorm while doing pinch pots. Some of the words that arose in our meeting were: Inventing, Diversity, Asentándose, Embrace, Construir, Pertenecer, Home, Found, Evocar, Soñar, Place as a noun and verb, Elevar, Connection, Meaning and Responsibility to one another (and to the generation).