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We built phone holders with simple cuts and folds. Thanks Tiny WPA for the guidance on this exercise. We are ready to continue designing together.

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Collaborative design exercise guided by Tiny WPA in which all members of the Exhibition Council participated.

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Questiones Explored

Some of the questions explored during the meeting were: How will the visitors experience the gallery during their visit? How long will their visits be? How often? Why will peolpe come to this new space? I would love a place to ... How many people will you come with? Alone or in a small group? What types of interactions would you like to have with people when visiting or spending time in the gallery? What will keep audiences coming back again and again?

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Priorities and Needs

Key function #1: Seating Area A. Furniture to accommodate comfortable time spent contemplating and discussing; it must be functional for all future exhibitions. B. Place for books that visitors can read in the gallery. C. Place to display interviews with artists and members of Council. Key function # 2: - Signage to guide visitors from the Gallery to the Community Studio.

¡ Gracias!

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