Collective Voices: Associate Artists at The Clay Studio

Jan 11th - Mar 1st, 2020

Collective Voices celebrates the collective creativity of the Associate Artists at The Clay Studio. These artists approach ceramic art from a wide range of experiences and perspectives. The variety within the program brings unique richness and inspiration to the artists and their work.

The Clay Studio's Associate Artist Program is a communal studio shared by thirty three individuals. The program reflects a vast aesthetic range of artist - visit the studio and you will see potters working side by side with abstract and representational sculptors. The Clay Studio is proud to offer well maintained studios, equipment, technical support, and most importantly, a sense of community, to these talented and passionate artists.  

Each of the thirty-three artists in the Associate Artists Program has a different story and approach to their art. What unites them is a love of clay, a dedication to expressing themselves through art, and a sense of value in the community they have found here at The Clay Studio.

The Associate Artist Program provides individuals seeking to deepen their ceramic art practice with affordable rented workspace, tools, and supplies in a communal creative culture. Ask one of the artists or a staff member to find out more about the program.

Learn more about the program here