About The Program

The Clay Studio's Associate Artist Program is a communal studio shared by forty individuals on a non-juried basis. By making low-cost studio space available to individuals, the program serves an important need within the community. The program supports these individuals' artistic, technical, and skill development, providing a unique learning environment in an urban setting.

The communal nature of the program provides an environment that accommodates artists at many levels of commitment and accomplishment, in which all benefit from a diversity of experience and expertise. Many Associates are serious Clay Studio students committed to expanding their skills and developing their artistic voices, while others are professional artists who hold bachelor's and master's degrees in fine arts and need affordable studio space. The program reflects a vast aesthetic range of artists—potters working side by side with abstract and representational sculptors.

Once accepted into the program, individuals may remain for up to five years with the possibility of one five-year renewal.

Please note that although the program is non-juried, the administrator makes the final decision on admission into the program. Regarding entry into the program, many factors are considered, including diversity of participants, ability to get along in a group, and feedback from references or TCS staff.

Program Cost

  • Program fee: $225 per month
  • Refundable security deposit: $225 one-time

Application Deadline 

Applications may be submitted throughout the year.

How to Apply

Download the application here, and email your completed application to Josie Bockelman at josie@theclaystudio.org

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