How it Works

  1. Fill out our online form to request a virtual Claymobile workshop or residency, with or without kits.

  2. Claymobile staff will coordinate a schedule with you for virtual programming. For programs utilizing kits, Claymobile staff will also coordinate delivery of materials to your site.

  3. Prior to your scheduled virtual program, Claymobile will send you an invitation to your site’s Zoom session. Students can log in from home, or as a class when they are on-site at your organization.

  4. During the virtual session, we ask that a site staff member is present. Claymobile will provide a teaching artist and assistant.

  5. The teaching artist leads comprehensive lessons designed specifically for the age and ability of students and the goals of your organization. The students learn the basics of hand-building with clay and their imagination and confidence grow!

  6. For air dry clay kits, students will receive paints that they can use to finish their artwork after it dries. For the coil bowl and name plate kits, students will put their projects back in their bag for us to pick up and fire in the kiln. Projects will be delivered back to the site 2-4 weeks after pick up.

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Are there any in-person options for Claymobile?

Yes! Claymobile traditionally does in-person workshops and residencies. These options are still available. Please visit our general Claymobile page to learn more or contact our Community Engagement Manager, Adrienne Justice, at

Are there different project options for virtual workshops and residencies?

Yes! We strive to meet your goals and needs by offering a varirety of project options. The teaching artists assigned to your program will discuss different curriculum options with you prior to the start of your residency. We are happy to adapt our coil bowl and name plate kits (which utilize clay that needs to be fired in a kiln) for other projects. For air dry clay kits, there are some limitations because of the material, but we are happy to discuss different options.

How much does it cost to do a virtual Claymobile worshop or residency?

For Air Dry Clay Kits, the cost is $200/session for up to 30 air dry clay kits and includes virtual instruction. Additional kits are $7/kit.

For Virtual Crafing Sessions, the cost is $200/session for up to 100 participants/viewers. No kits are provided with this option.

For Coil Bowl and Name Plate Kits, the cost is $200/session for up to 20 kits and includes virtual instruction. Additional kits are $10/kit.

What types of organizations can request virtual Claymobile programs?

We partner with many types of organizations, including:

  • Schools (public, charter, parochial, cyber, and more)
  • Any pre-K through 12th grade classroom, incluing science, social studies, art, and ELA classes
  • After-school and out-of-school time programs
  • Summer camps
  • Community centers
  • Social service agencies
My organization is outside of Philadelphia, can I still request a virtual program?

Yes! We are happy to partner with organizations outside of Philadelphia. Our Virtual Crafting Sessions can be accessed from anywhere. Air Dry Clay Kits can also be requested, though a shipping fee will be charged for kit delivery.

How do I request a virtual Claymobile workshop or residency?

You can either fill out our online form or contact our Community Engagement Manager, Adrienne Justice, at

What days/times are virtual Claymobile lessons available?

Classes can be scheduled 7 days a week, pending availability. Ideally, each session is 45-minutes in length. If 45-minutes is not possible, we can work with you to come up with alternative solutions.

Do you have any virtual options for adults?

We have a few different kit options for adults including planters, photo frames, and tile coasters/trivets. These kits include a pre-made ceramic objects for participants to paint and put together. More information about these options can be found on our Claymobile for Adults page. These are available with or without virtual instruction.

We're also happy to discuss projects for adults using traditional clay or air dry clay materials. Please contact our Community Engagement Manger, Adrienne Justice, at for more information.

You can also visit our Clay at Home page to learn more about our YouTube tutorials, online lectures, and more!

Does Claymobile offer virtual birthday parties?

The Clay Studio has partnered with Pop Up Play to provide virtual sculpting parties for children! Please visit to learn more about these events.

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