Our Viewers Respond

"Thank you for keeping us posted. I think we all value and trust your judgement during this difficult time. Enjoying the videos and live streaming. Also, thanks to your suggestion, I now have clay at home and can continue to work. Stay well, lovely people." - Rose H.

"Shannon’s session was really good.... I thank you and everyone who is working on this project.  It is exactly what I needed at this difficult time." - Elaine I.

"It was a good feeling to be in touch with our clay friends. Thank you for helping us stay as 'normal' as possible in this difficult time." - Judy R.

"Thanks for the videos for Clay at Home, and everything you've been coordinating." - Aracely C.

"This does really help fill up the time indoors.  Shannon's clay at home was a lot of fun.  I look forward to watching the demo video next." - Sharon R.

"I love this. Thank you for keeping the community alive. Shannon, I got teary during your last song. Thank you for being you!" - Samantha L.

"Thank you and the rest of the staff for your hard work and hard decisions on behalf of the whole community. You are appreciated. Best regards and health." - JoAnne S.