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The Clay Studio

How to Support the Claymobile

Providing much needed arts education to neighborhood youth is no easy task, and given recent budget cuts for arts programs at the local and state level, the Claymobile Outreach Program has become increasingly relevant. We need your support in order to continue to make a positive impact on the learning experience for Philadelphia’s youth right in our communities.

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The Claymobile in Action

"I have seen it again and again in art classes, students who will not take pencil to paper because they 'don't know how to draw,' will start to interact with clay immediately."
-- Debbie Williams, Teaching Artist, Artist, and Claymobile Instructor

"What was most exciting for me as a teacher was that this program truly touched every single one of my students. Students who have trouble sitting still were absolutely engaged, students who are ESL were able to shatter their language barrier, students who struggle with other aspects of school were able to shine, and those who need to have an extra challenge were able to excel. This program reached all of my students in an extraordinary way!"
-- Janet Candura, 6th grade Earth Science Teacher, Independence Charter School

"Opportunities such as this one are often difficult to find in a setting of Juvenile Detention, and it has been important to have the reliability and the consistency that the Claymobile program has brought us. I have witnessed the positive changes in behavior for many of the most difficult residents who participate in the program."
-- Leroy Simon, Resources Coordinator, Philadelphia Youth Study Center

About The Claymobile

The Claymobile Outreach Program serves as an educational resource for the entire city of Philadelphia by providing accessible hands-on arts education opportunities at the neighborhood level. The program serves nearly 2,000 low income and minority K-12 students annually (52% African American, 15% Caucasian, 17% Latino, 5% Asian, 11% Mixed race or other), a shocking 75% of who have never had any formal art education. Since 1994, the program has partnered with hundreds of regional institutions, and has grown to become a core part of The Clay Studio’s educational mission.

Each year, the Claymobile advocates for and advances the integration of the arts into urban public schools and its local communities. Given many Philadelphia neighborhoods confront unceasing racial and economic isolation and historically lack the financial and physical resources to provide arts programs to their residents, the Claymobile travels to them. The program significantly improves the quality of the K-12 educational program by engaging professionally trained arts educators to provide integrated arts instruction that supports PA Standards for Arts & Humanities and improves academic achievement in core curricula areas (science, history, math, literacy). Partial or fully subsidized 90-minute classes are scheduled over a minimum of 6 consecutive weeks, thereby providing each student with at least 9 contact hours of sequential arts instruction.

In 2005, the Claymobile received the George Bartol Art Education Award from the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation, which recognizes a nonprofit program that provides sustained, meaningful exposure and participation in the arts, demonstrates an active engagement in the lives of its students and community, and maintains high artistic standards for its faculty and students. Today, the Claymobile is recognized as one of the most cost effective arts education opportunities in the region, and serves as a model for similar programs offered around the country.