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Ibrahim Said

Guest Artist - Current

Ibrahim Said, b. 1976

Artist Ibrahim Said was born into a family of potters in Fustat, Egypt, a bustling age-old center for ceramic production located just outside of Cairo. Like generations before him, Said was taught by his father, and soon combined his ceramic skill with his deep fascination for historical Egyptian pottery and Islamic art and architecture. Now based in North Carolina, Said’s current ceramic work joins intricate carving with monumental scale. In 2015 Said was a guest Artist in Residence at The Clay Studio and in 2018, a finalist for the Burke Prize at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. The artist’s work is held in museum collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

Said’s awe-inspiring forms for Making Place Matter are based on the Islamic mashrabiya or traditional pierced screen, reflecting both his direct familial roots and larger cultural inheritance.