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2023 January | WHYY: "Art that stares back"

A quote by Jennifer Zwilling featured in the WHYY article said, “We wanted people to feel welcome; that when they came in they could both find someone that looked like them and also feel connected to the figures that don’t look like them because of other reasons — the emotion that’s being shown and feeling connected and having a meaningful experience.”

2023 January | Dr. Kelli Morgan & Jennifer Zwilling featured on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

This episode of Tales of a Red Clay Rambler podcast features the co-curators of Figuring Space, Dr. Kelli Morgan and Jennifer Zwilling in which they discuss the historical use of the figure to portray power, the variety of sculptural approaches used by the featured artists, and The Clay Studio’s recent move to South Kensington.

2022 September | "Philadelphia Excellence" in Metro Philadelphia

View the article here to read more about Philadelphia Excellence" which features work by Leroy Johnson, Nate Willever, Andrea Marquis, and Better Lovers.

2021 September | A Proper Send-off at The Clay Studio featured in Ceramics Now

View the article here to read about the exhibition, "A Proper Send off".

2021 May | Press Release for "Making Place Matter"

view the press release here

2021 May | "Making Place Matter" in Philadelphia Weekly

view .pdf of article here

2019 October | Major Pew Grant Awarded to The Clay Studio

Making Place Matter will be an ambitious and experimental six-month exhibition, symposium and publication that will inaugurate The Clay Studio’s (TCS) newly built home in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, set to open in Spring 2021. As TCS begins this new chapter in its own history, the idea of ‘place’ takes on critical importance as we seek to understand and grow into our new home.

2019 September | PA State Senator Larry Farnese visits Clay Fest!

in First District Connection, Larry Farnese writes, "I had a great time on Saturday, September 17, 2019 visiting Clay Fest 2019 in South Kensington! It’s incredible to see the Clay Studio bringing the community together to participate in fun activities including group sculpting, artist demonstrations, music, and food. Thank you to the Clay Studio for hosting me at the festival!" view photo album >

2019 February | American Craft Magazine: "Connect, Then Curate"

"Connect, Then Curate" by Jennifer Zwilling. Curators implicitly tell the public what matters. Here’s what happened when one curator asked her community what matters to them.

2019 January | American Craft Inquiry: "Craft History's Moment"

read Jennifer Zwilling's article, "Craft History's Moment" in this issue of American Craft Inquiry >

2018 Sept 29 - Nov 18 | Making A Difference Reviews
2018 November 2 | Jennifer Zwilling interview by Channel 17 about CraftNOW
2018 September 20 | Claymobile Highlighted on CBS News
2018 September 29 | Our 4th Annual CLAY FEST

read all the details of the day in this press release

2018 September 15 | Fall Arts Preview highlights The Clay Studio's Making a Difference

By and large, this is a season of art for art's sake. Vivid color is in full force, especially in painting, but also in the eye-popping quilts of Mary Lee Bendolph of Gee's Bend, Ala., which have taken over Swarthmore College's List Gallery and McCabe Library.

Activism-motivated art is less prominent than some might expect, considering the events of the last six months, but it's the backbone of the Clay Studio's group show "Making a Difference: Social and Political Activism in Clay" and the heart and soul of Leroy Johnson's large charcoal drawings at Grizzly Grizzly, critiquing the politics of exclusion through images of a feral dog navigating the inner city.

Click here to read Edith Newhall's 2018 Fall Arts Preview

2018 July | Glenn Adamson writes in Crafts Magazine about Roberto Lugo
2018 June 27 | Al Dia | Clay Studio invites community to help mold its future

Through a series of Clay and Conversation workshops, the nonprofit is inviting community members to participate and give feedback for what they want to see when the Clay Studio opens a new ceramics center in South Kensington in 2020.

Read More

2018 June 26 | Philadelphia Inquirer | "Pottery Saved My Life"

Roberto Lugo was sitting at a pottery wheel he’d planted on a barren triangle of concrete at Tusculum and Somerset in Kensington. One after another, cars passing through the intersection pulled up, real slow. Read More

2018 June 24 | ArtBlog | The Clay Studio National juried show features diverse approaches to ceramic art

Deb Krieger visits the Clay Studio’s biannual juried show of American ceramic art, “The Clay Studio National,” open May 26th - July 15th. She reports back on the wide range of practices in contemporary clay, from the abstract to the figurative and from the formal to the political.

Read More

2018 February 22 | “The Clay Studio is moving from its Longtime Old City Home”
2018 February 21 | “Bursting at the Seams,” Clay Studio Plans Move
2017 July 24 | "Old City’s arts community finds its way amid a sea of change"
2017 July 24 | "Magdalene Odundo at The Clay Studio"
2017 June 22 | "Making Place Matter"

Pew Center for Arts & Heritage | Making Place Matter

The New Building

2022 June 3 | Roberto Lugo Mural is featured on WHYY

View the article here

2022 April 15 | WHYY: "The Clay Studio opens new building in Kensington, for Kensington"

"This building is a new start for the Clay Studio. The 48-year-old organization has been cramped in a double-wide storefront building on 2nd Street since 1980. This building on North American Street is not only purpose-built from the ground up to give the organization more room – going from 21,000 to 34,000 square feet – but allows the Clay Studio to engage in what Martin calls 'radical hospitality.'"

View the article here

2022 April 11 | Philadelphia Magazine: A Look Inside The Clay Studio’s Massive New Space in South Kensington

"The new four-story facility expands the organization's studio, classroom and gallery space — and its plans for community outreach."

View the article here

2022 April 8 | Philly Voice: The Clay Studio's new building in South Kensington features more classrooms, artist workspace

"'We know the transformative power of clay and look forward to sharing our love for the material and its creative possibilities with our neighbors, local partners and the larger community in this inspiring new building,' Deputy Director Josie Bockelman said."

View the article here

2022 April 5 | Philadelphia Business Journal: First look Inside The Clay Studio's new $14.5M South Kensington arts building

View the photos here

2022 March 21 | Al Día: The Clay Studio in Philly to open new, 34,000-square-foot South Kensington location

"The Clay Studio upholds a model of using clay as a 'force for good,' welcoming systems of change into their framework."

View the article here

2022 March 4 | The Architect's Newspaper: The Clay Studio reflects skilled craftwork inside and out in Philadelphia’s South Kensington neighborhood

"As the facade couldn’t protrude any further out, the design focused on trying to represent the clay-making process on a flat facade. This led DIGSAU to select two types of brick: a buff-toned brick to represent unglazed bisqueware, and a bright orange brick to represent work that has been glazed and fired."

View the article here

2021 May 17 | Our new building is featured in "The Architect's Newspaper"

"Work is underway on The Clay Studio, a 34,000-square-foot ceramic facility in Philly’s South Kensington neighborhood. Grayish bricks are used on the building’s outer walls, while public spaces and a roof garden are lined with sculpted clay tiles. For Unkefer, who was a professional potter before pivoting to architecture, the project by DIGSAU architects “offered an opportunity to connect my interest in ceramics to the city’s incredible tradition of brick masonry.”

view the article here >

2020 January | Press Release for the New Building

View the press release here

2022 January 24 | WHYY: Clay Studio nearing its $14.5 million move to Kensington

View the article here

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