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Ana Jiménez

Exhibition Project Coordinator for "Making Place Matter"


Phone: 215.925.3453 x 20

Ana Jiménez was trained as an architect and holds an MA Fine Arts Degree from Piet Zwart Institute in The Netherlands. She joins The Clay Studio as Exhibition Project Coordinator for Making Place Matter, The Clay Studio's inaugural exhibition opening in 2021 at our new home in Kensington, Philadelphia.

Having recently moved to Philadelphia, Ana is eager to bring her skills, knowledge of the exhibitions field, ability to handle logistics, proficiency in English and Spanish, and deep interest in material culture to serve Making Place Matter.

Ana has coordinated tasks and projects for the renovation of well-known Colombian museums and the production of exhibitions within cultural organisations for the last twelve years. In her career she has been teaming up with amazing people at the Gold Museum, Corporación Parque Explora, Museo Nacional de Colombia, Maloka, the School District of Philadelphia, and CNMH among others.

The slideshow below is a sampling of some of the projects and spaces that Ana has worked on.

  • “Room 13: Land as a Resource”, National Museum of Colombia, 2016, Photo: Courtesy of Sebastián Dávila
  • “Museum of the Space”, Planetarium, Bogota, 2012, Image: Juan Vicente Gómez, Courtesy of Parque Explora.
  • “Los canales del Zenú”, Exploratorium, 2009, Photo: Clark M. Rodriguez, Courtesy of Gold Museum
  • Quimabaya Culture, Gold Museum, 2009: Clark M. Rodriguez, Courtesy of Gold Museum
  • Showcase layout, 2008; Clark M. Rodriguez, Courtesy of Gold Museum
01 ana jimenez landasaresource
02 ana jimenez museum of the space
03 ana jimenez los canales del zenu
04 ana jimenez quimabava culture
05 ana jiminez showcase layout