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Ambitious Plans

On February 21, our Board of Directors announced ambitious plans to build a new home in Philadelphia’s rising South Kensington neighborhood. Scheduled for completion in fall 2020 with a groundbreaking this fall, the new Clay Studio will be the first of its kind ceramic arts facility built from the ground up in the United States. This welcoming, state-of-the-art center will open up unlimited new possibilities – for artists and students, artisans and schoolchildren, neighbors and visitors. There will be luminous new galleries and studios. More spacious classrooms and kilns. Advanced equipment and sustainable new programming.

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Bigger and Better

The new Clay Studio in South Kensington is designed to better serve our growing community and to meet the needs of today’s artists and makers. It will include:

• More classrooms and kilns, dedicated space for youth programs, new communal work areas, and a layout that meets ADA Compliance to welcome more makers of all generations and backgrounds.

• Expanded studios, a new woodshop, and digital and prototyping spaces to give resident and visiting artists new possibilities to create bodies of work.

• More dynamic exhibition spaces, flexible spaces for public events and conferences, and a re-imagined retail shop to engage a wider audience of visitors, neighbors, and partners.

Our New Neighbors

After touring dozens of locations all over Philadelphia, we found the ideal spot in South Kensington’s American Street Corridor, a place whose energetic vitality matched our own. The renaissance of South Kensington has been phenomenal, and continues to rise as new creative businesses, arts nonprofits, and residents settle in the area. Building our expanded facility here is a natural and strategic move, where The Clay Studio will grow and thrive – locally, nationally, and globally – as a leading center for ceramics.

Over the course of 40 years...

The Clay Studio has shaped:

• Arts education for 40,000+ Philadelphia children and community members through our pioneering Claymobile program.

• The destinies of 150+ resident artists, providing critical space and resources for diverse and inspired makers.

• An international presence, welcoming globally recognized artists from more than 45 countries.

• Millions of hand-crafted works that have been conceived and created at the Studio.

• Creative experiences for 35,000+ pople annually who Clay Together.

Philadelphia Shapers

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"The Clay Studio has fostered the careers of young and talented makers, and created an inclusive space for people of all walks of life. I am proud to support The Clay Studio as they mold their next chapter.”

Jane Golden

Jane Golden is the Executive Director and driving force of Mural Arts Philadelphia, overseeing its growth from a small city agency into the nation’s largest public art program and a model for community development and restorative justice across the country and around the globe.
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"During its 40 plus years, The Clay Studio has jump started the careers of more than 150 resident artists from across the country and around the world, including mine. Today, a new vision is taking shape for even greater opportunities.”

Brian Giniewski

A former Resident Artist at The Clay Studio, Brian now owns and operates his own ceramics production studio and retail shop -- right here in Philadelphia.
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"The Clay Studio brings the art of clay making to more than 40,000 school children in neighborhood communities, shaping minds and imaginations every day.”

Dr. Carmen Febo-San Miguel

Dr. Febo San Miguel, Executive Director of Philadelphia's Taller Puertorriqueño, is deeply committed to Taller’s mission to educate and inform others about the rich cultural heritage of Puerto Rico, Latino and related groups including African Americans.
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“Philadelphia was founded by independent thinkers and makers – and that creative spirit is very much alive here at The Clay Studio.”

Councilman Mark Squilla

Councilman Squilla’s experience as a community organizer, public servant, husband and father have taught him that strong families and engaged neighborhoods are the key to Philadelphia’s future. As the city grows and evolves, Mark believes that bringing together the best of each community’s tradition and new life is crucial to Philadelphia’s success.