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Kiln Rentals

The Clay Studio is providing electric kiln rentals to anyone who needs firings for cone 05 bisque to cone 6 glaze firings. The Clay Studio staff will unpack, load, fire, unload, and repack your work in the original boxes and contact you to pick up your work. Kilns are available for rent by the whole kiln.

Community members renting kilns need a credit card saved on file with us before dropping off work. Please call 215.925.3453 to put a credit card on file. 

We ask for a receipt or proof of firing temperatures for the clay and glazes we are firing. Please include that when dropping off or email the receipt/information to 

Please complete and bring this Kiln Rental Form when you drop off your work.

Kiln rentals are available to rent out by the whole kiln.

Dropping off work:
You can drop off your work during gallery hours, Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-5:30 p.m., on Saturdays and Sundays 11 a.m.-5 p.m. at the front desk.

  • Please include the kiln rental form and contact information in the box when dropping off.
  • Individuals renting kiln space are responsible for transporting work to the studio and picking it up once fired.
  • Those renting kilns are not permitted to load, fire, or unload the kiln themselves.

Condition of work:
All bottoms of pieces must be free of glaze. There must be at least a ¼” margin on all glaze pieces. If these rules are not followed, you may be assessed an additional charge to wipe the bottom or sides of your pieces. We do not stilt work.

Picking up fired work:
We will email you to let you know your work is finished and ready to be picked up. You can pick up your work on the first floor during regular gallery hours Monday-Friday 11 a.m.-5:30 p.m. and Saturday -Sundays 11 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Please note that we will hold your work for 30 days; if this time has elapsed with no communication from you, your work will be donated to our annual Pottery Sale or recycled. 

Firing temperatures:
We can accommodate firing temperatures in our electric kilns from ^05 - ^6. We do not accept once-fired work up to cone 6; all work must be bisqued first.

Cone Firing Documentation:
Those renting kilns must provide written or visual documentation of the clay and glazes used and their appropriate firing temperatures if using clay or glazes purchased outside of The Clay Studio. This could include a receipt, a photo of a clay box label, or a glaze bottle label. We cannot fire your work without this documentation.

A valid credit card must be on file with us before renting a kiln. Please call us at 215.925.3453 to give us your credit card information. 

Kiln rental fees will be processed and charged to the card on file on the day work is available for pick up. Invalid credit card payments may result in additional fees and kiln rental privileges being revoked.

Breakage and unwanted results:
The Clay Studio is not responsible for breakage of work or poor glazing results in the kiln due to maker error. However, every effort will be made to load and unload all items carefully.

Damage to kiln or equipment:
If your clay or glazes cause damage to our kilns, you will be assessed an additional fee to replace shelves, posts or other equipment. This can range from $25 to replace a shelf to $3000 to replace an entire kiln. We will contact you if these fees need to be assessed and add them to your monthly firing invoice.

Firing turnaround times:
We will try to have your work fired within two weeks; however, at peak times, kiln rentals may take longer. If you are under a deadline, please communicate your deadline to us in advance. 

Additional charges:
We may need to include additional firing charges based on several factors, including wiping glaze off bottoms, etc. The base rate for these services is $10 and increases depending on how many pieces need special attention.

If you have questions about additional fees, please email our staff 

Use of the Studio Glazes is an available option. The minimum fee for use of studio glazes is $25. Please contact us for additional information and to schedule an appointment for glazing.

Special firings:
Gas kiln and other temperature firings are available on a limited basis. Please contact for more information and availability of special firings.

Kiln Rental Pricing

Pricing for Kiln Rentals (for entire kiln):

Electric Firing (Cone 06 - Cone 2)

Kiln Size - Cost

  • Test Kiln -  $20.00
  • 18” Kiln   -  $50.00
  • 23” Kiln  -   $70.00
  • 27” Kiln  -   $90.00
  • DaVinci  -  $120.00


Electric Firing (Cone 3 - Cone 7)

Kiln Size -  Cost

  • Test Kiln  - $30.00
  • 18” Kiln    - $60.00
  • 23” Kiln   - $80.00
  • 27” Kiln   - $100.00
  • DaVinci   - $140.00


Kiln Dimensions


Kiln Dimensions (dimensions do not include kiln shelves):

Test Kiln

Volume: 0.5 Cubic ft

Inside: 11" Diam x 9" High



Volume: 2.6 Cubic ft

Inside: 17.5 Diam x 27 High



Volume: 6.7 Cubic Feet

Inside: 22.3” Diam x 27” High



Volume: 10.2 Cubic Feet

Inside: 28” Diam x 27” High



Volume: 14.5 Cubic Feet

Inside: 30.5” D x 27” H

Refund Policies
  • No refunds are available and additional fees for the cost of the equipment will apply due to equipment damage or non-return.

Kiln Rental Contract

By filling out and signing this form, I agree to the terms set out in The Clay Studio Kiln Rental Contract.

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