Using The Sun To Find North

Lisa Naples

Oct 2nd - Nov 15th, 2020

TCS Resident Artist Alumni Lisa Naples

"Using the Sun to Find North” is one of the chief ways people navigate when they find themselves disoriented and with no compass or map.  The exhibition will include several series that explore this theme. The collection of plate paintings titled “Wayfinding” begins with our heroine, a red tailed hawk having hit her mid-life and fallen flat out of the sky, exhausted. This series tracks her progress as she faces choices that will decide the quality of her remaining days. She can play it safe and live comfortably in the realm of what she knows and/or she can embrace the gyroscopic world of guidance from a far less familiar realm that can’t be named, only experienced.

The series of 6 running hares in stop-frame locomotion illustrate the animating force coming into form, having it’s life and exiting back from where it came. This progression is titled “Impermanence.”

"I’ve come to see by taking on this challenge that there is only ever one step ahead of me and that I’m capable of taking 1 step. I’ve learned to stay, to be where I am; focused and engaged." - Lisa Naples