First Friday Opening Feb 2 | 5 - 8 pm

Feb 2nd - Mar 25th, 2018

#UnThinkPink is inspired by Sarah Archer and Glenn Adamson’s popular Instagram feed @unthinkpink. Invited artists include Brian Ginewski, Yoko Sekino Bove, Jacklyn Scott, Hannah Cameron, Jacob Raeder, Melissa Mytty, Stepanka Horolkova, Leila Cartier, Myungjin Kim, Nicholas Danielson, Martha Grover, Roberta Massuch, Jason Lee Starin.

Pink. No other color has as fascinating a story, nor one that touches on so many sensitive topics. At one time, pink was understood as a rarity, not present in the rainbow, and only seldom seen in nature. It was not easy or cheap to make — glassmakers had to use powdered gold to formulate the color — and its employment was confined mostly to elite paintings and decorative arts. In the eighteenth century pink started to become more commonplace and more charged with meaning, representing both desire and innocence. In the twentieth century the meaning swung from representing male children to the ultimate in femininity. From Millennial Pink to the Pink Pussy Hat phenomenon, today the color is becoming pervasive in our cultural consciousness. The exhibition #UnThinkPink presents some of the varied ways ceramic artists address this complex color in their work.