The Usefulness of Use

Yoko Sekino Bove

Dec 4th - Jan 3rd, 2021

Exquisitely crafted pottery by Yoko Sekino Bove, inspired by her background in graphic design and her interest in classic pottery forms.

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"Ever since the pandemic started, I have been wondering what I can do and how I can help. Is there anything I can do for this world, as an individual, and as a ceramic artist?

All of the pieces in this exhibition were created since the pandemic started. This group of work is my attempt to keep connected as the virus forces us to distance. The work explores the usefulness of craft in modern society and asks what comfort is derived from a simple daily ritual, like drinking coffee or tea, when using a handmade object. How does the user and the artist connect through the use of an object?

It is my hope that I can offer comfort through my artwork."