The Ninth Annual Marge Brown Kalodner Graduate Student Exhibition

Sponsored By Marge and Philip Kalodner

Jul 6th - Aug 12th, 2012

The MBKGraduate Exhibition showcases the finest work being made by Graduate studentsor recent Graduates from MFA programs at Colleges and Universities scatteredacross the United States. The workis selected from applicants responding to a national call for entry. 

In the life of an artist there are manydifficult times faced. Surviving Graduate School or transitioning from GraduateSchool to the life of a professional studio artist, are two of those times.Artists’ constantly question their abilities and their talent. They questionthe content of their work, its quality, its value (not monetary), theiraesthetic sensibility are their ability to build a life doing what they love todo. It is a time of uncertainty, where the realities of making a mark andbuilding a life for oneself, in an exceptionally challenging field, finallystart to become real. It is a time when support and affirmation are critical.

The Marge Brown Kalodner Graduate StudentExhibition provides this kind of support and affirmation. This annualexhibition, now in its ninth year, highlights the best work of students orrecent graduates, from the best graduate programs in Ceramics from across theUnited States. This exhibition identifies emerging artists whose work isdeserving of attention. It provides them a forum for the exhibition of theirwork and introduces our ceramics community to this next generation of talentedmakers. It also affords an opportunity to purchase the work of incrediblygifted artists, early in their careers. This exhibition is closely aligned withour mission of providing opportunity and support for emerging talent. Threeindividuals within the exhibition are singled out annually and awardedcash prizes in recognition of their exceptional work. This year Alia Pialtos, Margaret Dubbler and Kevin Rohde received prizes.

To purchase works please contact Naomi Cleary at 215-925-3453 xt 10 or