The Fourth Annual Marge Brown Kalodner Graduate Student Exhibtion

Jul 6th - Jul 29th, 2007

There are many difficult times that one faces in life and in the life of an artist, being in Graduate School or transitioning from Graduate School to the life of a studio artist are two of those times. One is continuously questioning their own abilities, the content of their work, the quality, its value (not monetary), and their own personal aesthetic sensibility. It is a time of uncertainty, where the realities of making a life for oneself finally start to become real. It is a time when support and affirmation are critical.

The Marge Brown Kalodner Graduate Student Exhibition is meant to provide this kind of support and affirmation. This annual exhibition, highlights the best work of artists from Graduate Schools across the United States. The exhibition will help to identify artists whose work is deserving of attention, provide a forum for the sale and exhibition of their work and introduce the ceramics community to this next generation of talented indivduals. It also affords one an opportunity to purchase the work of incredibly gifted artists early in their careers. This exhibition is closely aligned with our mission of providing opportunites and support for young artists.

The Clay Studio is deeply indebted to Marge and Phil Kalodner for their generous support of this exhibition. Their passion and love for the ceramic arts is mirrored by their investment in the future of the lives of the artists whose work is currently on dislpay. Their friendship and support of The Clay Studio is truly invaluable and so greatly appreciated.