The Clay Studio National 2020

Jul 10th - Aug 13th, 2020

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  • The Clay Studio National is a biannual exhibition that showcases the wide range of ceramic art being made in the United States today. This year The Clay Studio is honored to have an incredibly esteemed jury team comprised of Lauren Sandler, Kukuli Velarde, & Sana Musasama. We are very grateful for their time, experience, and wisdom.
  • Lauren Sandler is the Assistant Professor and Program Head of Ceramics at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. Sandler is an artist and educator whose work deconstructs mythologies and investigates narratives of power and perspective. With fragmented forms, allegorical vessels and mundane assemblages, Sandler amplifies interdependence, highlights stories obfuscated or erased and implicates our assumptions of normal and worth. With a background in anthropology, she examines the myriad chronicles told by objects and develops work where the visceral and structural meet a shared intersection of body, culture and history. 

  • Kukuli Velarde is a former Resident Artist at The Clay Studio, she has a robust studio practice and lives in Philadelphia. "I am a Peruvian-American artist. My work, which revolves around the consequences of colonization in Latin American contemporary culture, is a visual investigation about aesthetics, cultural survival, and inheritance. I focus on Latin American history, particularly that of Perú, because it is the reality with which I am familiar. I do so, convinced that its complexity has universal characteristics and any conclusion can be understood beyond the frame of its uniqueness."

  • Sana Musasama is an Associate Adjunct Professor at Hunter College and several other schools. "I feel my work is my personal instrument of change. Also, by creating these stories, I am finding a way to comfort myself or, better yet, to get the pain of what I see from inside me into the work for the world to see."

  • In light of the current situation we have decided to make The Clay Studio National two-fold.
    • Artists within 100 miles of the exhibition have the option to show their work in person (and online)
    • Artists more than 100 miles away will show online only. This decision was made in order not to burden artists with travel to deliver or shipping costs during this uncertain time.
    • We also made the application fee optional so as not to exclude any artists experiencing financial hardships

Juried Artists

Carolina Alamilla, Audrey An, Eliza Au, Posey Bacopoulos, Jon Bashioum, Casey Beck, Shannon Blakey, Kelsey Bowen, Paul S. Briggs, Aaron Caldwell, Danielle Callahan, kimberly camp, Soojin Choi, Justin Donofrio, Rachel Eng, Max Henderson, Nasrin Iravani, Coco Johnson, Darien Johnson, Dasha Kalisz, Leah Kaplan, Nichola Kinch, Bradley Klem, Trisha Kyner, Bernadette Larimer, Clay Leonard, Joan Lurie, Wade MacDonald, Antonio Martinez, Katie McColgan, Dan Molyneux, Russell Orlando, Helen Otterson, Jasmine Peck, chris pickett, Sasha Koozel Reibstein, Jennifer Reid, George Rodriguez, Raymond Rorke, Heather Rosenbach, Harris Rosenblum, Judith Rosenthal, Amanda Salov, Corran Shrimpton, Anna Valenti, Stephanie Wilhelm, Shiyuan Xu, Jinsik Yoo, Rebecca Zweibel

Invited Artists