The Associate Artists Group Exhibition 2007

Jul 3rd - Jul 27th, 2007

The Associate Artist Program provides for a communal studio space currently housed on the entire second floor of The Clay Studio. The forty individuals who are part of this program are allowed 24/7 access to this shared space. The Associate Artist group is comprised of disparate and passionate individuals, all who share a love of working in clay.


The work included in this exhibition shows the huge range of possibilities when working in clay and the huge range of interests of those who are part of the program. From sculpture to vessels, the work on exhibit truly exemplifies their passion and commitment to mastering the media of clay.

Participating in this show are: Lynne Berman, Laura Blumenthal, Michael Clemmons, Shannon Donovan, Lynne Dorman, Andrew Eastwood, Uta Fellechner, Kay Gering, Lana Heckendorn, Cheryl Hendershott, Elizabeth Henderson, Pam Lethbridge, Richard Levy, Diane Marimow, ELizabeth McLaughlin, Chuck Morris, Christina Osheim, Karen Pugliese, Marjorie Robbins, Carole Sivin, Lawrence Spitz, Marianne Tebbens, Jeanne Waldowski, Rivkah Walton and Sunya Webber.