Sep 17th - Oct 31st, 2010

The artists included in this group exhibition use, as the basis for their work, architecture or architectural elements and in some instances elements from the landscape within which they exist. Whether from skyscraper or domestic living space, the elements of interiors and exteriors, from foundation to surface, from structure to ornament, are found in the sculpture of the participating artists both literally and abstractly. Each has developed significant bodies of work influenced by these various elements.


Tom Lauerman and Fabio Fernandez’s sculptures from their In Love With Architecture Series, closely examine architectural form and structure. For Surface/Structure they created new works inspired by Louis Kahn, an architect whose ties to Philadelphia run long and deep. Jason Green’s tiles incorporate decorative motifs from the past, and explore ideas of decoration and decay, ornament and structure. Kim Dickey’s beautifully realized topiary like sculptures impose structure on the natural world, while Cynthia Ginachetti’s Chandelier, celebrates excess and disorder. Andrea Marquis explores in both two and three dimensions, mirrored imagery and repeated pattern, while Rob Raphael’s sculptures beautifully morph the feminine with masculine, floral motifs with 2 x 4’s, unifying surface with structure.