Stuart Gair: New Works

May 4th - May 27th, 2018

Gair makes pottery that is intricately decorated and utilitarian in nature. It is important that each piece feels unique and authentic in order to draw the viewer in for further contemplation and closer examination. As a student of history, he is drawn to the essence of strength found in architecture, masonry and work that has endured through time. Surface treatment provides Gair the opportunity to explore these interests through the subtleties of architectural pattern, detail, geometry, and design.

Through form and surface treatment Stuart Gair investigates trends from both the past and present and relate it to my work. Lines, planes and dot patterns evoke a sense of strength and rigidity that can be traced to the designs and patterns of architectural elements. Sleek simple forms are a result of the study of mid twentieth century Scandinavian wares as well as objects made by the Korean culture during the Buncheong period, both of which, are traditionally characterized as having a minimal and clean presentation. The division of the planes between clean and textured surface is a way to accentuate the details and form of each piece and provide points of rest. The application of detailed patterns on traditionally clean surfaces creates a historical contrast.

With a background in the study of History Gair's work references a broad historical context. Gair says, "I find it deeply satisfying to create objects that can be used and enjoyed. The ideas of continuity and progress throughout history fascinate me and inspire my evolving aesthetic."

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