Stillness is the Move

Chris M. Rodgers

Jul 13th - Sep 17th, 2023

Stillness is the Move is an ongoing exploration into art objects and their ever-evolving interpretations over time. I am interested in the multiple narratives that exist simultaneously within art objects, their materiality, and the contexts in which they exist. I am intrigued by how the specificity of an object can transcend its physicality and transform it into a symbol or an idea.

As a sculptor, I primarily utilize clay because its malleability and limitless potential for transformation fascinates me. While my process is predominantly working by hand, I select specific ways of crafting that are deliberate for each sculpture. Artworks are created through repetitive and almost obsessive strategies, along with various finishing techniques.

Equally significant to the sculptures themselves is the interplay of space between them. Recently, I have been captivated by the Japanese concept of "ma," which emphasizes the intentionality and importance of physical and temporal negative space. I see similarities in  the spaces between the leaves of an orange tree and the gaps that span different time periods (from classical to modern), and am inspired by the profound significance of both.

By placing emphasis on the mechanics of display, including presentation, staging, spatial relationships between objects, as well as the interplay between objects and observers, I aim to create a dynamic and ever-evolving experience. Each observer's perspective is in constant flux, yet uniquely singular. I believe that engaging with sculpture in person, as intended, rather than through digital mediums, offers a profound and singular encounter comprising multiple individual experiences.


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