Stargazing: Joshua Hebbert

Mar 6th - Jun 21st, 2020


Virtual Gallery Tour | Watch online as Joshua walks you through his solo exhibition, "Stargazing"

I like the irony of searching the cosmos in order to get to know oneself. Linking our personal paths to celestial clockwork involves a simultaneous search of interior and exterior galaxies. We make shapes out of the stars. Studying the constellations becomes a way of navigating our inner selves; Where were the celestial bodies on the date and time of your birth? Where are they (and you) now?

The slip cast vessels in “Stargazing” are my physical exploration of interior and exterior spaces. Through casting the interior of the vessels, the forms of these objects reveal themselves. Forms diminish as I recast the interior voids. I also expand the forms by adding layers to the prototypes and making new molds. The textural history of the objects are hidden beneath new coats of materials. This expansion and collapse of form creates a family of objects that grow and shrink- gazing out/ gazing in.

Joshua Paul Hebbert sees his studio as a space for him to both escape and explore the world. By pulling on personal, social, and constructed symbols, he removes them from direct, cultured meaning and weaves them together to create a new fabric that is at once personal and universal. Hebbert has worked for a variety of cultural craft institutions, including Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, and the Museum of Contemporary Craft. He has exhibited his work nationally and internationally.

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