Small Favors 2021

Guest Juror: Kensuke Yamada

Mar 5th - Apr 25th, 2021

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Small Favors engages artist's creativity in new and exciting ways with the challenge of making pieces on a very small scale. For some artists, the work they create is similar to what they normally make, but at a reduced scale. Others use it as an opportunity to break away from what they create in their daily studio practice. The works exhibited are incredibly varied in material, form, and aesthetics. Though small in scale the artworks created for this exhibition are huge in impact.


This year's Guest Juror is Kensuke Yamada, Resident Alum, and Professor at the University of Arkansas Little Rock, AR

The exhibition will go live on March 5 at 1pm. Members will get a special link to start shopping on Thursday, March 4th at 12pm noon. Enjoy the preview below, the full exhibition will contain 300 works of art.

The exhibition consists of invited and juried artists from around North America and the world. We feel the mix of juried and invited artists ensures a mix of those working in the field, without limiting the group to those who are well known to our staff and juror.