Small Favors 2011

May 6th - May 22nd, 2011

Small Favors was conceived of in 2006 as part of the Studio's ongoing effort to offer accessible, high-quality artworks that appeal to ceramic enthusiasts of all ages: older collectors who are challenged for space and young fine art collectors who are challenged for money. It allows those who are space challenged to continue to collect work by artists they love, and those who want to begin to collect work an accessible entry point. It quickly became a favorite for our audience. Viewers marvel at the diminutive and affordable artworks and the diversity of expression represented by makers from across the United States. These small and in some cases miniature works were all created in response to an invitation the Studio sent out to over one hundred artists from across the United States.

The Clay Studio challenged the participants to rethink their work, based on the confines of a defined space – a space less than 4" in any direction . For some artists, the work created is similar to what they normally make although at a reduced scale. For others, it’s an opportunity to break away from what they create daily in their studio practice. Regardless of this choice, the works exhibited are incredibly varied in material and form. Though diminished in scale, these artworks are huge in impact. All celebrate the diminutive object and truly demonstrate that size doesn't always matter.

The Clay Studio thanks Zero Defect Design LLC for their sponsorship of Small Favors VI.