Skewed Views: Richard Nickel and Matthew Causey

Apr 24th - Jun 7th, 2015

Richard and Matthew have a rich relationship that each sites as an important influence on his work. 

Matthew wrote about Richard:

Rick is one of the people that showed me that it was alright to use cartoons and silly drawing to  express myself.  We come from the same fertilizer.  When I was an undergrad and Rick was a graduate student at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, we would draw at the local art bar and make each other giggle.  Often rick would talk about artist I'd never been exposed to, he'd write up a list in my sketchbook and send me to the library.  That's how I learned about Red Grooms, the Hairy Who, Howard Finster and a loads of Artist who still influence me to this day.   In the future if I ever have a fancy hard cover book about my career as an Artist the thank you's will be, my folks, my partner, my clones, and Rick Nickel!

Richard wrote about Matthew:
Drawing Straight Lines with Bent Sticks
When I first met Matt he was on the sad end of a lost relationship. I recognized his talent in his lines and how he could outdraw everybody around him by simply connecting his 10,000 megawatt personality to his pencil.  His \person\" would appear on page and he would give life to his lines and then even more than life, laughter. Which is the most difficult task for an artist. Folks have told me over the years that we work alike. We do not. I wish I could translate my thoughts into the personal arabesque script he created to define the people he loves and cares about. I will never be able to do this. Matthew absorbs your persona and, like Picasso, his frugality and elegance of line will capture you and you will not mind at all.