Sanam Emami: In the Niche

Jun 2nd - Jul 2nd, 2006

Artist Statement
“Function, ornament and color are central questions in my work. My pots are precise and complex; they are defined by line and edge, and are softened by color and touch. Elements of floral motifs and architectural drawings appear alongside larger areas of pattern, and imbue the work with an imagined sense of time and place. Shapes float on the surface of the pot and move to the foreground with the addition of miniature bursts of color. Thin incised lines geometrically divide the surface of the form and create a visual framing device. Alterations in the structure of the pot, such as the rim, allows for the shape of a stamped pattern to reappear in a different scale. The pots are made for the table and their scale invites intimate exploration of the nuanced layers of form and surface. The layers of color, pattern and image are drawn from different sources and cultures. The attempt to harmonize seemingly disparate elements results in pots that feel familiar and eccentric.”
— Sanam Emami