Ryan J. Greenheck: Maker, Make, Made

Aug 6th - Aug 29th, 2010

With Maker, Make, Made Ryan Greenheck shares with us first hand his creative process. The exhibition, installed in the Harrison Gallery, is part working studio and part exhibition space. Greenheck will be present at times throughout the exhibition making his work in the gallery/studio space. His work will be presented in various phases, from freshly thrown forms to completely finished works.

Greenheck is an incredibly gifted maker. His exceptional skill on the wheel allows him to create precise articulated forms that serve as a canvas for his beautiful glazed surfaces. Every element of each of his forms is carefully considered, insuring that each of his pots work both functionally and aesthetically.

Witnessing an artist at work oftentimes informs one’s understanding of that makers work. In this instance, it allows a viewer insight into Greenheck’s full process, seeing a lump of clay turned into a beautifully realized object. It allows the viewer to see the many-layered processes Greenheck uses in the creation of his work, the choices he makes, and the challenges he faces daily in the making of his objects.

Greenheck recieved his BFA and a BS in Art Education (both Cum Laude) at University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, WI. He completed his MFA at NYSCC at Alfred University. Since graduating, Greenheck has been making a living as a professional potter and ceramics educator in art centers and universities throughout the area, most notably: University of Pennsylvania, The Clay Studio and Wayne Art Center. Prior to teaching, Greenheck held an Artist in Residence position at Shanghai University, in The Peoples Republic of China and completed a residency at Watershed in Newcastle, ME. Greenheck has exhibited nationally, and lectured on his work and presenting workshops demonstrating his methods of making.