Ron Meyers: New Work

Feb 19th - Mar 14th, 2010

Ron Meyers is an icon of the American ceramics community. He received his MFA in ceramics from the School for American Craftsmen, Rochester Institute of Technology, and both a B.S. and M.S. in art education from the State University of New York at Buffalo. From 1967-1972 he taught at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. He then went on to teach at the University of Georgia in Athens where he retired as a Professor Emeritus.

Meyers has been ever present in field of ceramics, serving as juror for exhibits and participant in countless, workshops, demonstrations, and exhibitions, in both solo and group shows. Meyers makes tableware from a red earthenware body, all beginning on the wheel. Loose, freely and casually thrown, his vessel forms reflect the soft material properties of clay, with his hand and finger marks present in every piece. His work is incredibly fresh with lively, narrative colored slip paintings floating on the surface. The manner in which he creates these paintings is fluid and expressionistic, mirroring the gesture he achieves in his forms. Funny, pointed, provocative and/or confrontational, Meyers continues to imbue the surface of each of his pieces with his unique vision and perspective.

Ron Meyers work is courtesy of the Works Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.