River by Sadashi Inuzuka

Sep 3rd - Nov 14th, 1999

In 1999, the non-renovated fourth floor of the Clay Studio Annex provided a cavernous space for Sadashi Inuzuka to display his installation, River. Viewers were confined to a catwalk, hovering over the thick river of unfired and cracked slip. While dark biomorphic forms contrasted the light-colored walls, organized in eight grand circles.

Each of the dark forms, molded by Inuzuka's hands, showed diverse shapes: starfish, worm-shapes, shells, internal and external body parts. One could imagine seeing these under a microscope or upon discovery in nature.

Through his various works, Sadashi offers a link to environmental issues and portrays his deep concern for people's interaction with nature. Funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts and administered by The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, River was enabled by a major grant from The Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative program. One of the goals of this innovative program was to help visual art organizations mount exhibitions that extend their parameters.

"I can see the macro in the micro world. I can make small things and see large things in them." - Sadashi Inuzuka