Raven Halfmoon #NDNNOW

May 3rd - Jun 2nd, 2019

I have focused on producing a body of work that is reflective of how I feel both as a woman and as an Native American living in the 21st Century. In this collection, I illustrate how I feel about the ancient legacy of my Caddo tribal heritage, while at the same time acknowledging the modern day and age.
Each piece is a reflection of my understanding and interpretation of Caddo culture and the fight to maintain a place for it in today’s world. With the election of our current U.S. President, climate change and social oppression around the world, it is more important than ever before to have a unique voice and vision, to express it, and to make thosecreations seen and heard.
In my work, I explore themes of “the other,” cultural appropriation and history. I hope to create awareness and address issues that move people who share a similar story.
Through my installations, I want to tell a story both of how one understands self and culture, but also what defines these ideals in America today.
I create work that is large and powerful. I build sculptures that demand to be heard and experienced. I have always found large-scale sculpture powerful because it creates urgency in the viewer. I want to make a work that takes all the space in a room, and one where eyes cannot be diverted from it. I remain a steadfast researcher and learner about my ancestors and our history. The Caddo people have always been renowned for ceramics, and I am just taking my place in that tradition. I feel it is my duty to continue this legacy of sharing information through craft and clay. It is necessary for me to continue a tradition of making, telling and sharing history.