Pottery by Design

Oct 3rd - Nov 30th, 2014

Pottery by Design is part of a trio of exhibitions specifically crafted for DesignPhiladelphia 2014. The Clay Studio's design-focused exhibitions showcase both the depth and breadth of design in contemporary ceramics.

A DesignPhiladelphia reception will be held on Friday, October 10th from 5:30-8pm. At 7pm, The Clay Studio will be hosting a live taping of ceramic artist Ben Carter’s Tales of a Red Clay Rambler podcast featuring Silverman, Gettysburg, PA-based potter Tina Gebhart and Michael Strand, who is known for his social projects involving ceramics.
In a world where autoCAD and rapid prototyping tend to dominate, it is worth remembering that potters have been honing their design skills for over 10, 000 years. For this exhibition, The Clay Studio will exhibit functional work by contemporary potters. Each potter will produce a brief video that explains a design decision (visual, functional or ergonomic) in their work that is based on a lifetime of experience with clay.

Participating Artists:

Mary Barringer, Sam Chung, Kevin Crowe, Michelle Erickson, Tina Gebhart, Matt Jones, Gail Kendall, Simon Levin, Andy Shaw, Amy Smith, Michael Strand
Jack Troy.