Pots At Rest

Aug 16th - Sep 30th, 2012

Over the next few months, The Clay Studio will produce amulti part project, titled MADE BY HAND, exploring the relevance of handmadetableware in the 21st century. This exhibition is one of the twoproduced in support.

Pots at Rest engages eight ceramicists as curatorsand exhibiting artists: Kari Radasch, Elizabeth Robinson, Lorna Meaden, IngridBathe, Brian Jones, Munemitsu Taguchi, Matthew Hyleck, and Joseph Pintz. All are nationally recognizedmid-career makers of tableware selected for the strength of his/her work: theconceptual content, formal qualities and his/her personal aesthetic. As a group they represent a broad rangeof material use, varied form and the primary processes of making andsurfacing. All bring with them anextensive knowledge of the field, professional contacts, and buyers for theirwork. Each Artist/Curator was assigned apiece of equipment or furniture, typical to most kitchens, where pots when notin use, live or rest. Each selectedfunctional wares for these spaces made by ceramicists from across North Americawhose work they admire and respect and share their reasons why they believehandmade tableware remains relevant in the 21st century.