Plates & Platters Salon Style

Apr 20th - May 27th, 2007

Plates & Platters Salon Style is a group exhibition featuring the work of over 80 artists from across the United States. The exhibition explores one of the most basic forms that potters make, the plate, celebrating the vast aesthetic range of expression possible in the creation of a singular form. Dessert plates, salad plates, dinner plates and serving platters will all be included.

The exhibited plates truly exemplify ceramist’s endless approach to the creation of this form using entirely ceramic processes. Fabrication techniques include wheel throwing, hand building and slip casting using terra cotta, stoneware and porcelain clay bodies. Surface decoration is created through the use of slips and glazes fired at a variety of temperatures, both low and high. All of the plates will be hung salon style, an installation method where the plates will be hung on the wall side by side, one on top of another creating a dialogue from piece to piece.

Participating artists are: Simona Alexandrov, Jennifer Allen, Martye Allen, Stanley Mace Anderson, Ian Anderson, Joann Aquinto, Nancy Barbour, Mary Barringer, Lynn Smiser Bowers, George Bowes, Laura Boyce and Matt Gruber, Victoria Christen, Bernadette Curran, Charity Davis-Woodard, Harris Deller, Kowkie Durst, Kathy Erteman, Jennifer Everett, Kathryn Finnerty, Jil Franke, Debra Fritts, Jen Gandee, John Glick, Katharine Gotham, Silvie Granatelli, Vanessa Grubbs, Tyler Gulden, Katherine Hackl, Amy Halko, Louise Harter, Rebecca Harvey, Molly Hatch, Sarah Heimann, Curtis Hoard, Meredith Host, Sarah Jaegar, Nick Joerling, Julie Johnson, Ashley Kim, Liz Kinder, Michael Kline, James Klueg, Ben Krupka, Elizabeth Lurie, Scott Lykens, Peg Malloy, Frank Martin, Polly Ann Martin, William Ryan McKerley, Lorna Meaden, Jenny Mendes, Ron Meyers, Robin Murphy, Farraday Newsome, Matt Nolen, Susan O'Brien, Jeff Oestreich, Lisa Orr, Neil Patterson, Adam Posnak, Liz Quackenbush, Kari Radasch, Monica Ripley, Steven Roberts, Elizabeth Robinson, Diane Rosenmiller, Pete Scherzer, Nicholas Seidner, Laurie Shaman, Andy Shaw, Amy Smith, Mckenzie Smith, Kevin Snipes, Susan and Peter Stark, Mara Superior, Marianne Tebbens, Julie Terestman, Triesch Voelker, Rosalie Wynkoop and Matthew Yanchuk.