Pitchers: An Exploration

Aug 7th - Aug 30th, 2009

Education is one of the primary objectives of The Clay Studio with our Galleries serving as one of our classrooms. Pitchers: An Exploration, exemplifies this objective serving as a vital teaching tool in the creation of a singular form. Within the confines of one space, students and visitors are able to see the depth and breadth of expression within a singular form.

Each of the 18 artists included in this exhibition are faced with numerous decisions in the creation of each pitcher they make. The overall form of the body of the pitcher, the kind of spout, the handle and how it relates to the form and feels in ones hand are just a few of these decisions. Through comparison and contrast, through encouraged handling and use, students and visitors are able to increase their understanding of the creative choices one makes in creating this particular form. Too, they are able to experience first hand the results of the decisions each creator makes.

Participating artists include: Susan Bankert, Jeff Campana, Sam Chung, Jim Connell, Michael Connelly, Andrew Coombs, John Glick, Ryan Greenheck, Judy Jackson, Lorna Meaden, Lisa Orr, Emily Schroeder, Deborah Schwartzkopf, Linda Sikora, Shoshona Snow, Shawn Spangler, Adam Spector, Robert Sutherland, and Tara Wilson.