Non Fiction Design Collective: Shakespeare Wooden Minnow

Jan 2nd - Jan 25th, 2009

Shakespeare Wooden Minnow is the first exhibition to come from The Clay Studio's call for Curatorial Proposals. It focuses on the work of the Columbus based Non Fiction Design Collective, a group of four artists working jointly in the creation of their product line. Rebecca Harvey, Steve Thurston, Guy Michael Davis and Katie Parker join forces in the creation of tableware, bricks, lighting and other objects.

They state, "We are interested in merging the worlds of ceramics & printmaking and the remaking and reuse of industrial cast-offs. Operating in a hybrid world between handwork and mechanization we combine outdated processes like thermofax and letterpress with CNC milling and rapid prototyping. Labor intensive processes mix with strange detritus, abandoned wallpaper and clearance mousetraps combine with hand carved block prints and fussy porcelain. Our limited production is a mixture of intent and accident - a constant tug between addition and subtraction. We make objects to affect the world. "