Mi Herencia, Mis Raices... My Heritage, My Roots...

Nitza Walesca

Apr 8th - May 29th, 2022

Mi Herencia, Mis Raices, My Heritage, My Roots

The artist, Nitza Walesca, creates innovative vessels based on traditional forms and adorns them with Taino symbols. Her indigenous Puerto Rican, Taino heritage serves as a strong inspiration. Nitza was introduced to ceramic art by her high school art teacher, and then continued her education through The Clay Studio. She is now a Claymobile Teaching Artist and Community Engagement Assistant at The Clay Studio, as well as a resident of our new neighborhood, South Kensington.

Read more about Nitza's inspirations below.

TAINA YUIZA was created in HONOR of the indigenous people of Puerto Rico.  The TAINOS.  Tainos were a beautifully peaceful tribe who appreciated and loved their island. The Tainos did not have our current common alphabets and used images to communicate. Carved into the clay, this vessel has 4 different Taino symbols.  The Chiefs to the tribes were usually men, Yuiza is the only female noted as a Chief. 

LOIZA BROWN represents Africa and the slaves brought over to Puerto Rico.  Loiza, Puerto Rico has the largest concentration of people traced back to Africa living on the island. My family is from Loiza, Puerto Rico and our last name is BROWN.  Only one family in Puerto Rico with our last name.

MONSERRATE RIVERA represent Spain. Spain introduced lace to the indigenous people of Puerto Rico. There is a museum in the town of Moca, Puerto Rico dedicated to the creations of lace. Monserrate Rivera was my great grandmother, a very strong proud brown faced woman. Her daily job was to cook and feed the men who came to work the sugar cane fields. Monserrate means mountain tops and is a name traced back to Spain.

 LA CLAVE - is the BEAT that keeps our SALSA music in rhythm.