Mar 25th - Mar 28th, 2015

Our Shop, both brick and mortar and online, represents abroad range of both established and emerging artists. We rotate the work ofapproximately 100 – 150 artists annually.  The Shop shows mostly functional pottery with some smallsculpture and decorative objects mingled in.

 The Shop at NCECA will be a direct extension of ourPhiladelphia Shop, showing a selection of artists (40-50) whom we currentlywork with. A good portion of the work we bring will be that of localartists and past/current resident artists. Philadelphia and the surroundingregion has an abundance of potters, many of whom have passed through one ormore of our programs.

Our display will be similar in feel to that of our retailshop. Pots will be displayed in context, stacks of plates, bowls of fruit, andflowers in vases. We know that a good portion of NCECA attendees do not haveregular access to the quantity and quality of work that we show and we would beexcited to share what we have.