Modern Tea Party

Bonovitz Space

Apr 3rd - Apr 26th, 2015

Contemporary ceramic artists createteacups and serving pieces that foster new traditions around a historic culinarycustom.

Ingrid Bathe, Birdie Boone, Ben Carter,  Rebeca Chappell,  Naomi Cleary, Kathryn Hackl, Stepanka Horlakova, Jeff Kleckner, Roberta Massuch,  Justin Rothshank,  Simply Tangled,  Sue Tirrell.

In conjunction with this exhibiton we held a \"Modern Tea Party\" where guests sipped tea from handcrafted teapots and cups. We learned about three types of tea, how to brew and serve them, and how to properly pair food with tea.

Alexis Siemons, noted Philadelphia tea consultant and enthusiast, lead the event. Alexis is certified in the Foundations of Tea by the Specialty Tea Institute and runs the popular blog teaspoons & petals. She has consulted for tea companies and teaches culinary tea classes. Thanks to Rishi-Tea for the three wonderful teas!

Exhibition curated by Naomi Cleary