Marge Margulies: New Work

Mar 2nd - Apr 1st, 2007

Marge Margulies has been working as a professional studio potter since graduating from the Philadelphia College of Art, BFA in ceramics, in 1981, during which she also spent a year at Tyler School of Art in Rome. She has exhibited at galleries regionally and nationally and has exhibited in many American Craft Council shows, the Smithsonian Craft Show, Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, and other shows nationally.

"The intent of my ceramic work is to create organic, flowing compositions, which serve as lively and useful centerpieces. In these random and conscious groupings, which can resemble things found in nature, elements of shape are combined, emphasizing fluid forms and rich, subtle color relationships. My work is inspired by such wide-ranging influences as topographical maps, flower arrangements, abstract expressionist paintings, and my mother's Danish Modern furniture and Passover dishes. I am constantly striving to make pottery that is substantial yet lighthearted, and which adds richness and vitality to a home environment."

"Using earthenware clay, I throw each piece on the wheel, then use a series of hand processes, like squashing and stretching, to alter the shapes. I apply colored glazes in various ways, to achieve lively, unususal and satisfying color groupings, and deliciously soft surfaces. I work to make pieces that are evenly thrown, and feel lightweight and balanced."

Marge Margulies