Made At The Clay Studio 2008

Aug 1st - Aug 24th, 2008

Made At The Clay Studio is a group exhibition including sculpture and objects made by artists from around the world who have taken part in our Guest Artist in Residence Program. The work on view, was created over the past two years, and celebrates the creative vision of each who has been fortunate enough to be part of the program.

Started in 1992, the program has hosted artists from over thirty-five countries including Anquilla, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, The Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Sweden, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Wales, and the United States. The Guest Artist-in-Residence Program provides a studio on The Clay Studio's third floor, an apartment across the street, a materials and firing stipend and a monthly living stipend. Residencies vary from 4 to 8 weeks, but both shorter and longer residencies have occurred to accommodate an artist’s schedule or to allow for a larger project. Some technical assistance is provided, but the program is designed for artists to work independently.

The program has very little structure by design. The artists are provided with keys and may choose to work when they find it most advantageous. They are expected to be open to the questions of Clay Studio students and artists, while The Clay Studio community has been requested not to become too obtrusive. Each artist is required to leave one work for the Clay Studio’s permanent collection, present an evening slide lecture for The Clay Studio community, and accompany and/or offer demonstrations in the Studio’s classes or accompany the Claymobile outreach program.

Artists are identified and or invited outright by The Clay Studio’s Artistic Director, chosen from participating artists in the Studio’s international exhibitions, or they may apply. The selection process is based not only on the quality of work, but also on obtaining as wide a geographic spread as possible, maintaining a balance between genders, and an admittedly subjective judgment as to the compatibility of the artist to the very independent structure of the program. The program is also intended to include artists from a variety of stages of career development, from fully accomplished, recognizable names to more emerging younger artists.

The intent of the program is truly cultural exchange – to share and experience working methods, aesthetic traditions and life experiences different from our own and to build lasting relationships that truly span the globe.