Living Art

Ruth Easterbrook

Jul 13th - Sep 17th, 2023

Resident Artist Ruth Easterbrook presents large vessels and plate forms that vibrate with growing plant life. 

Pottery is more than just an object; it is a living form of art that embodies vitality and connection to the human experience. Rooted in its historical significance as a vessel for communication and cultural expression, my work as a potter continues this tradition with my personal and contemporary perspective. I design functional pieces that become stages for meals and vessels for daily rituals, bridging the gap between art and utility. 



The transformative journey of clay, from shaping to firing, changes the clay to ceramics creating new form and purpose. Decorated with floral and botanical designs, my surfaces collaborate with the flux in the kiln revealing a new beauty in the multiple glaze interactions. Through my pottery, I invite viewers to appreciate the beauty of the mundane, encouraging mindfulness and connection with our surroundings. Pottery is a living art that celebrates the vitality within everyday objects and reminds us of our connection to the natural world. In my work, I aim to merge art and life, finding beauty in the quiet moments of existence.

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